Woman's Plastic Surgery for Saggy Eyelids Has Horrifyingly Unexpected Side Effect

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wrinkly eyeWarning: Once you read the following words, you'll never be able to un-read them. Once you get this story in your head, it ain't a-goin' nowhere. So, proceed with caution. K? All right, you were warned ... Once upon a time, there was a woman who decided to get "a little work" done, as they say, around her eyes. You know how it goes, you look in the mirror one day and all of a sudden there's some old hag with crows' feet and forehead creases staring back at you and you think, Hey, everybody does it, right? Cosmetic surgery isn't like real surgery. I'll just book a consultation.

No big deal! Except this particular woman, who lives in Los Angeles, had a non-FDA-approved cosmetic eye surgery using stem cells. Because this type of cosmetic surgery doesn't actually require FDA approval, so this type of cosmetic surgery doesn't actually require any sort of safety testing

So if you're getting this type of cosmetic surgery, you won't actually know what sort of side effects you might experience.

Side effects such as pain. Or a weird clicking sound in your eyelid. Which turns out to be caused by "spontaneous bone growth" -- in your eyelid. BONES GROWING IN EYELIDS.

The horror ... the horror! What does that even look like? I keep picturing one of those dinosaurs with big spikes coming out of its face. Thanks, but I think I'll stick with my crows' feet. Luckily the woman's doctor was able to surgically remove the bones (THE BONES FROM HER EYELIDS), but sheesh, that couldn't have been very much fun for anyone involved.

Wondering what went wrong? Apparently, the initial surgery "extracted adult stem cells from her belly fat, isolated them, and injected them around her eyes, along with calcium hydroxylapatite as a filler. In the presence of the mineral, the stem cells -- which have the ability to develop into many sorts of cells -- turned into bone." According to cell biologist Paul Knoepfler, the problem is that even though stem cells are amazing and have tons of potential, a LOT more research needs to be done before procedures like this become commonplace:

These aren't your typical drugs. You can stop taking a pill and the chemicals go away. But if you get stem cells, most likely you will have some of those cells or their effects for the rest of your life. And we simply don't know everything they are going to do.

Wrinkles ain't so bad, ladies. Wrinkles ain't so bad.

Would you undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure that wasn't FDA-approved?


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tuffy... tuffymama

It wasn't the stem cells that did it. It was the accelerator or whatever that was injected afterward. The idiots used the one for BONES. I'm not into cosmetic surgery and crazyass procedures like this, but if people are going to shell out good money for it, they should get what they pay for and receive exceptional care, not be subjected to malpractice and silly mistakes.

Jespren Jespren

I reject the cult of youth worship, I'm looking forward to those wrinkles! Let the crows feet and grey hair cometh! They are proof of my years, a sign of my acomplishments, and an indicator of wisdom gained.

the4m... the4mutts

I'm with Jespren. I'm 29, and already have a few grey hairs, and a worry line between my eyebrows. I can't wait to get old! LoL

But, I'm also not against cosmetic surgery. Even experimental types, as long as they're minimally invasive.

I had a tummy tuck 3 years ago. It didn't turn out perfect, but it pretty damn great! Much better than what I had. There's 1 other thing I've wanted done since my first child is born, and I'll be getting it within the next year-18 months. Then I'm done. Cosmetic surgery isn't all bad, and people that do it, aren't usually some crazy wacko trying to become a real life ken doll.

Margaret O Kyttle

I wouldn"t do it if it Was FDA approved. I"ve earned every wrinkle & line I have. It shows that I have Lived.

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