Jessica Simpson's New Weight Watchers Ad Finally Shows Her Stunning Transformation (VIDEO)

jessica simpsonIt may have taken longer than you may have wanted, but Jessica Simpson's weight-loss is now very visible. The mom mogul's second Weight Watchers ad will start airing December 25 -- but was leaked online today -- and by all accounts Jessica is looking, well, awesome. She's dropped 50 pounds, after all.

Her rumored second pregnancy aside (Jess' camp has yet to confirm she's expecting), this photo of the 32-year-old bazillionaire is a big old eff you to those who made fun of her for not losing the weight, ya know, overnight.


Lots of people scoffed when her first ad only featured her face -- critics speculated that Weight Watchers couldn't show her body because it wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement of their product.

But as she said in that first commercial, "There is a lot of pressure to lose weight, but I'm not a supermodel, I'm just Jessica trying to eat real food in the real world."

And that attitude of hers certainly paid off. She didn't succumb to that pressure and instead lost the weight on her own time. You can't hurry change, and it looks like Jessica's slow and steady process was totally worthwhile.

Now. That said, I have no idea if that $4 million paycheck had anything to do with the kick in the butt she gave herself after that first commercial, but I'd like to think it was all in the name of "health" and not in the name of "Jesus! Shit! My contract!"

Anyway, they say that the key to maintaining weight loss is making it a lifestyle change because yeah, you can eat only grapefruits for a month and slim down, but you can't sustain that, and when grapefruit month is over, you'll put the pounds right back on.

It seems that Jessica adhered to the "lifestyle change" philosophy and no matter what she may occasionally indulge in, the new ad is evidence that she's more than "on her way" to her goal.

Only time will tell, I guess, how another pregnancy figures into that.

What's your secret to weight loss? Fast and furious or slow and steady?


Photo via WeightWatchers/YouTube

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