Selma Blair Looks Scary Thin After Suddenly Becoming a Single Mom

selma blairJust three months after Selma Blair and baby daddy Jason Bleick's split, these new photos of the skinny actress make it look as though she may not be doing so well. Okay, more like she's taking the breakup really, really hard. Although Selma's always been tiny, the pics -- of the actress walking with the former couple's 17-month-old son, Arthur, and sporting jutting clavicle and ribcage bones and a gaunt face -- make it look like she's bordering on seriously sick. Agh.

Though some blogs have voiced legit concern for the celeb mama, others seem to think whatever her current look is illustrating is fodder for cruel taunts and tongue-clucking. But you only have to glance at the photos to know this is no laughing matter.


Okay, sure, there's a chance that they may have been exaggerated by Photoshop, because tabloids are certainly capable of that. But I'm not so sure. It seems completely possible that what we're seeing is very much disturbingly real -- especially given what Selma's been going through lately.

A breakup is hard enough on its own, let alone compounded by everything that stems from it -- like, in Selma's case, figuring out how to parent apart. There's no question she could be incredibly stressed at the very least ... or totally emotionally distraught at the worst. Given what we know, it's probably safe to say she's struggling to take care of herself, which perhaps could very well be linked to her extreme weight loss

Sadly, all too often, a breakup can take a terrible toll on one's physical and/or mental health. Emotional distress can plague your ability to get a good night's sleep or eat right ... It can be such an appetite killer or trigger that dramatic weight shifts (gain or loss) are often par for the course in the weeks and months following a troubling split.

So it's no wonder something's up with Selma. Regardless of what she's going through exactly, I'm guessing cruel snark about eating disorders or "wardrobe malfunctions" is just about the last thing the woman needs right now! Hopefully she gets what she actually needs (which is likely unconditional emotional support from someone in her life), so she can starting getting well soon.

How do you feel about all the commentary surrounding these photos of Selma Blair?


Image via Splash News

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