Kelly Osbourne's Weight Loss Secret Is Smarter Than Any Celeb 'Diet'

kelly osbourneI've always thought of Kelly Osbourne as a smart, savvy girl. You know, the wise-beyond-her-years type, since way back when The Osbournes first debuted on MTV and Ozzy was still staggering around bellowing "Sharrrrun!"

And now I know why. Because the Dancing With the Stars alum recently opened up about how she managed to lose 50 pounds (and keep them off!), and guess what? Osbourne's approach to weight loss has got to be the healthiest, most sensible approach to weight loss any celebrity has ever espoused.


Want to know the secret to Osbourne's success? Here's what she recently told In Touch magazine:

"People think I lost weight and then got happy, but that's not how it works. You have to get happy first. I made a life change, and the weight loss was an amazing perk."

Amen, sister! If that don't just say it all. It's like Kelly Osbourne just pulled the curtain back and exposed The Wizard of Weight Loss. Hey, he's not a wizard! He's just a positive attitude!

Of course, part of her "life change" did include exercising and eating right. Here are a few things that worked for Osbourne:

1. She mixes up her fitness regime: Up to half an hour per day of cardio, circuit training, yoga or Pilates.

2. She sticks to healthy food most of the time but allows herself one day a week to cheat.

3. She's "learned to love herself."

Makes way more sense than the average trendy celeb diet, right? 

Do you think Kelly Osbourne has the right idea about weight loss?


Image via JJ Duncan/Flickr

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