'Real Housewife' Brandi Glanville 'In Pain' After Breast Surgery but All Smiles

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Brandi GlanvilleOn Wednesday Brandi Glanville took some time off from her normal drama-starting ways. The Real Housewives star had surgery yesterday to remove what was believed to be a non-cancerous tumor from her breast. She told E!:

"My surgery went well ... I will have all the answers to exactly what it is on Friday. I'm in pain but happy that it is done, because I need to be healthy for my boys."

Whether or not you're on Team Brandi, we can all agree that a lumpectomy isn't a fun procedure, but regardless a necessary one. Wondering how the whole thing works and how long she'll be out for? Read on, here:

What needs to be done before surgery?

Patients have to follow their doctor's advice on what to eat and not eat, what medications to stop taking, and make sure to prepare everything for a hospital stay.

How long is the recovery time?

The good news is that the recovery period is VERY short for such a procedure. The pain isn't very strong and can be treated with Tylenol. As for the surgical area, your skin should heal in about a month or so. 

If the original biopsy was negative, can there still be cancer?

Yes, there can be. There could be cancerous cells elsewhere in the area, which is another reason why undergoing surgery for a benign tumor can be deemed appropriate.

Have you or someone you know ever had a lumpectomy?


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Bmat Bmat

Yes I have known people who have, including my best friend.

sukainah sukainah

Not a lumpectomy but my grandmother had a mastectomy

Bmat Bmat

One of the worst parts of it is waiting for results. There ought to be a way to find out without waiting for days.

rena1970 rena1970

Never had 1 yet + hope never!! Hope alls well with her 4 her boys!! She's had a ruff few yrs.so I could c why she'd b so defensive!

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