Top 10 Gifts Moms Want for Christmas

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christmas gift ideas for mom

As mothers, all of the holiday focus is, of course, on the kids. But don't we deserve some holiday goodness, too? Of course we do!!!

I asked my mommy friends what they were hoping for this holiday season and most of them had the same ideas: Sleep and using the bathroom alone topped the list. But you can't buy those. (Or, if you can, please tell me where!)

Below were the most popular realistic mom-requested gifts this season. If you're looking to spread some Christmas cheer to a mom you know, take a look. I don't know a single mom who wouldn't appreciate any of them, myself included ...

1. A night or two in a hotel room. Alone. No husband, no kids, nobody but me.

2. A massage. From someone other than a child of mine paid a dollar to do it.

3. A new camera to torture my children with.

4. A Keurig. Isn't that a Mommy necessity or something?

5. Some new bras that I don't need to physically stuff my boobs into.

6. A bottle of wine, the size of my Christmas tree.

7. An iPad. For me, me, and only me! NO, I WILL NOT SHARE, CHILDREN!

8. Jewelry. The more sparkles, the better.

9. Babysitting services so I can nap, shower alone, or actually, you know ... get clean.

10. A vibrator. And then a lock for the door.


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jessi... jessicasmom1

ok I can relate to some of these lol

CaliG... CaliGirl925

Best post ever! Except I would want my husband in the hotel room w/be ; )

sukainah sukainah

Some of those would be great!

Bmat Bmat

I like the idea of someone to watch the children while I get a bath. :)

dusky... dusky_rose

LOL Well, my DH bought early Christmas gifts and one was a Keurig (but he is the coffee drinker) and the other was a 4 picture locket for me, yay!

Kayla... KaylaMillar

i can some of those!

nonmember avatar MO Mom

Great list...I agree with CaliGirl though. Lol.

timon95 timon95


Ginell Ramos

My husband and I wrote out Christmas lists for each other... And at the very top of my list was a hotel room for a night alone! Glad I'm not alone, makes me feel better lol

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