Most Googled Diets of 2012: Do Any of Them Even Work?

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raspberriesAnother year, another list of Most Googled Diets to analyze. Although a quick glance at the line-up for 2012 makes me wonder if maybe we should be analyzing a list of Most Googled Magic Weight Loss Bullets: Either we're a bunch of lazy schlumps or seriously cockeyed optimists, because guess what? The easiest-sounding diets got the most searches! (Color me shocked.)

Seriously, no wonder we're in the middle of an obesity epidemic. I was so taken aback by which regime got ranked 2012's #1 Most Googled Diet, I literally quadruple-checked my sources. (And then I checked again.)

I know, I know: Well, what is it?! When are you gonna tell us?? Relax, you'll find out which diets were in the Top 5 after the jump, plus whether or not they're worth your search engine's time. Just prepare to be surprised ...

Ready? Here they are, the Top 5 Most Googled Diets of 2012:

1. The Michael Phelps Diet

Number #1, really?! Okay, so while training for Beijing, Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer Michael Phelps consumed 12,000 calories a day -- but he's an Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer!! I don't care how much time you spend at the gym, the average person can NOT burn that off.

Is it a diet try-it? NO.

2. Beyond Diet

Otherwise known as the gluten-free regime Miley Cyrus credits for her washboard abs, the concept is that by eating foods with a low glycemic index, one can avoid the foods that cause a spike in glucose levels (which releases insulin, which packs on the pounds). 

Is it a diet try-it? Maybe. Give it a shot, probably won't hurt.

3. The Raspberry Ketone Diet

I love Dr. Mehmet Oz, and I want to believe his claim about raspberry ketones being the “#1 miracle in a bottle for burning your fat." The ketones are supposed to boost levels of a fat-blasting hormone; so far, this seems to work for mice ... but no actual studies have been conducted on humans yet.

Is it a diet try-it? As with going gluten-free, this probably won't hurt. So sure, why not? Just don't expect miracles.

4. PINK Method Diet

P.I.N.K. stands for Power, Intensity, Nutrition and cardio (with a K, because, well, otherwise that would just look dumb). It's basically a traditional healthy eating/exercise plan mapped out in extreme detail and tons of promotional incentives; also, Dr. Phil is a fan.

Is it a diet try-it? Yes (but you can probably figure out the same strategies on your own).

5. The Adriana Lima Diet

Come on, seriously? Model Adriana Lima had to drop 40 pounds for a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show just 6 weeks after giving birth, so she restricts herself to protein shakes and water -- NO SOLIDS -- for nine days before the big show (12 hours before the show she stops drinking altogether). How is this a "diet," exactly?

Is it a diet try-it? Hell no.'

Did you Google any of these diets in 2012? Did you try any of them?

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zombi... zombiemommy916

After I deliver my third child in mid-January, my sister and I are trying out "The Reverse Diet"...just got my book from Amazon! It involves eating dinner for breakfast and "tricking" your metabolism (which is pretty non-existant for me)...we'll see if it's effective!!!

nonmember avatar Anon

The raspberry ketone diet can actually be harmful to those who are taking certain prescription meds, including but not limited to thyroid meds. That one should be run by a real life doctor before trying, not just one on tv.

Javi0... Javi05Eli07

I live by "It is a lifestyle change, not a diet.  If it is not something you can do for rest of your life then it is not worth trying."  Eating healthy and portion control has been working pretty good for me so far.

sukainah sukainah

I haven't Googled any diety nor have i tried any fad diets.

Madel... Madelaine


elasmimi elasmimi

I don't believe in anything but reducing your calories and exercising more.

kellynh kellynh

 Love raspberries... But I do to do fad diets

MamaM... MamaMandee

No I did not try any of those. 

godde... goddess99

Nope. I don't do fad diets.

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