David Bowie's Son Finds Out His Fiancee Has Breast Cancer & Does Something Beautiful

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David Bowie's son, Duncan Jones, and his fiancee, Rodene Ronquillo, recently rushed to the courthouse to get married after some news. And no, the news wasn't of an impending little Bowie. (Does that really make anyone rush to the courthouse these days?) It was far worse news: Rodene was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.

Duncan and Rodene, who is only 32, were so overwhelmed by the news, they decided to immediately go from being engaged to married. It looks like Rodene has Duncan to thank for discovering her cancer, too.

Duncan, who is a film director, revealed in a series of tweets that he and Rodene had been playing around in bed one morning, "frisking about," as he cutely puts it, when he felt a lump in her breast. Doctors did a biopsy and determined it was cancer. Duncan wrote:

I love my wife more than anyone. She's young as can be. Women are getting breast cancer younger & younger. Women? check yourselves! ..& men? Touch up your loved ones. You may save the life of the person you love.

It's true that women are getting breast cancer fairly young -- though I don't know if it's any younger than at other times in history. Madonna's mother was only 30 when she died of breast cancer. It does just so happen that I know of three women, two in their early 30s and one in her late 20s, who were diagnosed with breast cancer in the last few years.

It is scary. But it also highlights the need for young women to not be lax about giving themselves breast exams, since yearly mammograms don't start until a woman reaches 40. (And some doctors and insurance companies are calling for that to be even later.)

Duncan sounds like an amazing husband. He not only married Rodene on the same day she was diagnosed, but he shaved his head in solidarity. Duncan, who was known as Zowie for awhile, grew up with his dad, superstar singer David. Sounds like he raised him right!

Do you know anyone under 40 who got breast cancer?


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Jespren Jespren

I actually, to my knowledge, I've never known anyone with breastcancer. But, statisically women are getting it younger and husbands and boyfriends are more likely to find it than screenings by either the woman or doctor.

nonmember avatar Kim

My sister was only 25 when she was diagnosed with early stage 3 breast cancer. I was shocked. Its very scary to think of how young women are getting diagnosed. Trust me turning 25 this year was a scary thing for me. Heres wishing Rodene and Duncan the best of luck.

Laine... Lainey0468

That is awesome!!happy


I had a cousin I vaguely remember who was mid 20s when she had a mastectomy but still died,that was nearly 50 years ago.

Senia... Seniahmom

I don't know anyone who was diagnosed after 40. Anyone I know who had breast cancer after 40 had already had it in their late 30s/early 40s.

Erika Warner

I was diagnosed at 35.

Sandy Zuniga

It breaks my heart to hear anyone getting the breast cancer diagnosis. It is a long, unknown road ahead no matter which path you choose but having support and being loved will help you get through. I am here to support those women who are on the path behind me after they have gotten the life changing diagnosis. Feel free to visit www.MyPersonalBreastCancerJourney.com for tips and information...as I go through my journey, I'm sharing the good, bad and the ugly.

Duncan & Rodene...stick together, love eachother, accept the future and girl...FIGHT with all you've got. I was a stage 2 as well which people say could be worse. However, it is "worse" when you're the one who has been diagnosed. I'm here to help if you need someone to talk to.

Kim Leuthold

Even though I had just turned 47 when diagnosed...Sept 14, 2012...Since 8-1-2012 I have had 3 surgeries that included a bilateral (double) mastectomy and 27 lymph nodes removed...12 of which were positive for cancer. The cancer was also, by the way, a triple negative cancer which means that it is not responsive to traditional hormone-based chemo drugs and limits my treatment options...less than 15% of breast cancers are (---) and on top of this it is a level III agression (spreading fast) and only one of the masses in my breast showed on a scan and there was an additional 6 in my left breast and NONE of the 12 showed on any scans. I am now undergoing chemo and will start radiation when finished with the chemo. Ladies, don't be lax...check yourselves...your breasts AND lymph node areas on your upper chest, breast sides, and underarms!!!!!

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