I Tried a Pricey Cellulite Treatment & Couldn’t Believe the Results

Cellulite dimplesI think it's safe to say that women everywhere have a severe hatred for cellulite. Actually, loathing may be a better word. It's ugly. It's unflattering. To get rid of it -- we try creams, lotions, dieting, and exercise. We try everything under the sun to attempt to smooth out those little bumps because, heck, they sure as hell aren't a sexy addition to our physique.

Yeah, I have it. That's not even embarrassing to admit because, well, I don't think I know anyone that doesn't (including Jennifer Aniston). When an opportunity popped up to try a contouring cellulite treatment at Red Door Spas, I figured it couldn't hurt, right? Plus, it sounded a whole lot more relaxing than a night at the gym.

Can a pricey treatment ACTUALLY make cellulite look any different? I highly doubted it. But I've got to be honest, the results were NOT what I expected.


First things first, let's talk about how the whole thing worked. Called a contouring marine cellulite treatment, I was first rubbed down with a green-looking masque around the areas that are most prone to cellulite (including thighs, lower back, stomach, and butt). Then, I was wrapped up with foil while getting a foot, neck, and shoulder massage. After about 20 minutes of burrito status, I showered off the masque and was then rubbed down with contouring and collagen creams firmly in a back and forth motion.

Essentially the technician explained it to me like this: Cellulite is pockets of fat deposits that have kind of gotten stuck in place, trapped in areas under the skin. Let's compare it to rush hour, where everything's congested. The masque loosens up the fat deposits, and the massage enables them to disperse throughout the leg. Voila! Rush hour's over and you are able to move freely.

I know, I know -- enough of the explanation. Did it work? Well ... kind of. I took before and after pictures (that I'd sooner run a marathon three times before posting here), and I was interested to see that, although no, my legs are nowhere near cellulite-free, they do appear smoother in certain areas. Some dimples seem less noticeable, and the next morning, my legs felt toned as if I went on a long run filled with hills.

Would I recommend it to others? Hey, it could be a great gift or splurge for yourself. From the massage aspect alone, I left Red Door feeling super relaxed, happy, and in the mood for a huge mug of green tea and a relaxing night in. An awesome massage and at least feeling like there's less cellulite there the next day? Sounds like a winner in my book.

Would you ever pay for a pricey cellulite treatment? Do you have any tricks or products you swear by to fight it?


Image via diongillard/Flickr

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