Kelly Bensimon's Trick to Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain Is Ridiculously Simple (VIDEO)

kelly bensimonWhen celebs -- especially celebs who have made a name for themselves thanks to reality TV -- give advice about diet and exercise, there's a relatively high chance that advice will sound like nails on a chalkboard. But sometimes they manage to hit one out of the park. Somehow, Real Housewives star Kelly Bensimon (who came out with her book, I Can Make You Hot! The Supermodel Diet earlier this year and is probably still promoting it) managed to do just that when she recently spoke with Celebuzz about keeping holiday weight gain at bay.

The mom of two's tips, while not exactly rocket science, are so right on ...


She explains:

If you’re gonna eat more, exercise more. It’s really common sense. I know you don’t want to exercise more, but it actually makes you feel better. So when you do go to the parties, you’re more engaged.

All right, sure, it definitely sounds patronizing at first glimpse, but the woman makes a brilliant point. Not only are we more tempted to indulge when we're having a blast at a holiday party, but this time of year can be incredibly stressful for so many reasons. And stress can contribute to weight gain. Hello, just being around family members we don't usually spend time with can make our blood pressure skyrocket to highs it doesn't see all year!

But what better way to wind down and prevent fat-triggering cortisol from soaring than making a point to get to the gym, if even for 20 minutes? Taking a lunchtime walk? Going for that run you can always rely on to keep you sane? It's not only a surefire way of keeping those extra calories (and guilt that can rear its ugly head when we allow ourselves those cookies or that cocktail) in check, but exercise really will make you feel better on so many levels.

Kelly's advice may be a no-brainer, but around this time of year, the reminder doesn't hurt. Especially if it means getting a head start on the New Year's resolution rush!

Check out Kelly's full Q&A with Celebuzz ...


Do you work out harder during the holidays to keep weight gain at bay?

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