'RHOBH' Brandi Glanville's Breast Surgery Is a Real Reality Check

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Brandi GlanvilleIt's been a bad week for Brandi Glanville, and it's about to get worse. She admitted herself that she came off as "an a-hole" in Monday night's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode. But much worse than that, Glanville's doctors have confirmed they found a tumor in her breast, and she'll have to have surgery so they can remove it.

But if you're going to go under the knife, Glanville is doing it the best way possible. She already knows she does not have breast cancer.

Doctors already tested Brandi's breast tumor and have been able to determine it's benign. Phewww! That explains why her tweets this week have been all about banal moments like taking her crappy performance on Monday night's Housewives and her son's soccer game.

If there's a way to be stress-free about surgery, Brandi's coming as close as you can get.

Still, surgery is surgery. This is not one of those "oh those twee Housewives are doing something crazy" again stories. This is serious business.

There is always risk involved with surgery, even if you're a Real Housewife with access to some high-priced doctors. There are the risks associated with anesthesia, the chance that something can go wrong in surgery, but there's also the emotional part in all of this. Knowing you have something wrong in your body, even if it's benign, is not an easy thing.

I won't compare it to actually finding out you have breast cancer, but let's get real here: we aren't supposed to find things growing inside our bodies, benign or not. That's scary! And it's scarier still to think of what could have been, that she came "thisclose" so to speak to a breast cancer diagnosis.

Not to mention inding one tumor is bound to mean a lot of double checking in the future: extra mammograms, more pressure on monthly exams ... This is hardly a walk in the park for Brandi here.

Good thing Brandi has plenty of ladies on her side. As she told IN Touch:

I'm anxious about the recovery but have great friends who will be playing nurse.

Have you ever found something growing on or in you that had to be removed? Any tips for Brandi on dealing with all the emotions?


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Melissa Byers

it realy gets me that these gals are on a show called HOUSEWIVES, but yet on so many of the show, the women are single,so tell me how are they a house wife? Plus so many of them lack any class, they act like soiled brats.Many of them need alot of growing up .

Austin Keenan

I'd think I'd be so giddy with relief  I might not even need anethesia.  

tuffy... tuffymama

What Austin said. I've lived through a cancer scare that was harrowing enough with just surgery, no radiation. If it had turned out to be benign, the doctor would have had to strap me to the bed, else I'd have been floating with relief. Every clean checkup makes me lighter than air for a few days.


I've had a radical mastectomy, 1 yrs chemo & 6 wks radiation. 10 yrs later I had a recurrence requiring 6 mos hi-dose chemo & 6 wks radiation. I can't feel/use my arm, take a handful of meds daily to cope with the effects this battle has taken on my body  including hormone blockers (menopause at age 32) I.B.S., a loss of 4" in height from arthritis, etc.  I am ECSTASTIC just to be alive & do all I can to prevent another recurrence. Every clean bill of health is a gift that brings unbelievable relief & peace of mind to my entire family!

However, trite garbage (she does NOT have cancer) with requests for advice on 'how to cope' are not helpful to anyone. She'll suck it up & hang tough just like the rest of us do & she'll live longer if she relaxes & doesn't allow articles like this to cause her undue stress over a minor issue.

Carolyn Ragona Capozziello

Even in benign tumor removal, its not just a small operation.  I went through it in 1976, before they could even diagnose whether it was cancerous, and its truly a tough operation mentally.  Thank God, she will go in knowing the results ahead of time....we have made great strides there, but she will have pain; she will be concerned how it got there in the first place and she will need mammos frequently for the next five or so years.  Hang in there, Brandi......expect some residual nerve pain for awhile, but you are a strong, smart young gal, admired by us old ladies..and prayers will be said for your future health.

Bev Buesgens

Poor Brandi,what goes around comes around, karma is a bitch. Maybe now she will realize what normal ever day people with REAL problems deal with everyday. Do I feel for her? Of course I do. I went thru this when I was 20 years old and did not need the whole world support for having a benign tumor. Is everything a major catastrophe when you are on television? Many everyday people go thru larger things without needing sympathy from the entire world. Brandi buck up and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

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