Shocking 'Faces of Meth' Ad Shows the Horrors of Addiction to the Drug (PHOTO)

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Faces from the campaign

Oh my gaaaaaawd, you guyyyyyssss, there ARE zombies walking the Earth, but they're not really zombies. They're methamphetamine addicts. They just look like zombies. And it's so horrible and awful and tragic that people get hooked on this drug. In fact, meth usage is on the rise. Can you believe it?!! Which is why has put out another "faces of meth" anti-drug ad campaign to deter people from using this monster drug.

This isn't the first time we've seen these "faces of meth" ads, which were conceived of in 2004 by Deputy Bret King in the sheriff's office in Multnomah County, Oregon. King decided to document the extreme changes he was seeing in the appearance of meth users who came in and out of his office.

King, who shows the local high school kids these photos, says: "I ask the students at schools to look at these people and think about their actions, otherwise that could end up being you." Shudder.

It's really sad to think that meth usage has actually increased in the meanwhile. Hard to believe anyone could look at these faces and want to try meth or even think about meth! Here is some of the physical damage meth usage can cause:

- "Meth mouth." Many of the people in these photos have mouths that are hanging slightly agape, due to tooth decay and the typical "grinding" of someone on meth.

- Wounds and open sores. Users are often itchy and hallucinate that there are bugs under their skin, so they keep scratching at themselves, and they're so sick, they never heal.

- Gaunt. People on meth lose their appetites and stop eating, so eventually the body begins attacking itself in order to get nutrients.

The only guaranteed way to avoid becoming a meth addict is to never once use meth, which is incredibly addictive. After that, rehab is really the only way, and meth is one of the toughest drugs to kick. My heart goes out to the men, women, and teens addicted to this drug, as well as their families. They must be in hell.

If the faces of these poor souls don't get someone never to try the drug, I honestly don't know what will -- it's that disturbing!

Do these images shock you? Have you known anyone on meth?


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Estel... EstellaHavisham

Here is some of the physical damage meth usage can cause:

-Meth Mouth

-Wounds and open sores


-ATMs falling on head resulting in immediate death

nonmember avatar shan

This drug is devastating. One of my old childhood friends and godmother to one of my kids just killed herself yesterday after being hooked.on meth and other drugs for 13 years.

butte... butterflyfreak

LOL @ the Breaking Bad reference EstellaHavisham!

Autum... Autumnleaves87

This is a great thing to show younger teenagers who are thinking about trying any hard drugs. This is down right scary.

sab1207 sab1207

ive been clean from meth for 7 years now when i got with my second ex husband he told me to pick him ormeth . i picked him it was a tough battle but i didnt go to rehab i was on it for 4 years . i have meth mouth where my teeth nd gums are messed up i dont have many teeth left and i have scars from scratching away the bugs . im now divorced from him and raising our little girl

the4m... the4mutts

It does not suprise me. I live in bakersfield, ca. We may as well be the meth capital of the world, and I see these people every single day, everywhere I go. There's a meth lab on my block, and I live in a GOOD neighborhood!

I am 100% anti drug, meth and heroine being absolute deal breakers as far as even speaking to someone. I will not date, befriend, associate with, or even say hi to someone that I know is a druggy. I don't care if they need love, or help, or whatever, they aren't getting it from me.

I am completely unsympathetic to their self induced plight.

sweet... sweetcherry_59

I completely agree with the4mutts. I refuse to give drug addicts sympathy. They did it to themselves.

Austin Keenan

The real horror is when they have little kids.   Last year I was in the toy section of Target on the weekend before Christmas.    There was a cute little boy excitedly running around trying to decide what he wanted.    It was entertaining until I saw the mom.   She looked near death and was wearing shorts & tank (possibly pajama's)  and flip flops when it was about 10 degrees outside.   The kid did have a jacket but no socks and his clothes were dirty and wrinkled.  

nonmember avatar sars

rehab is not the only way, i know many people, myself included who kicked the habit without rehab. not everyone works the same!

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