Kristen Stewart Looks Shockingly Thin & We Think We Know Why

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Kristen Stewart Marie Claire AustrailiaUm, have you seen Kristen Stewart on the cover of Marie Claire Australia? If you haven't take a little gander over to the left at Robert Pattinson's girlfriend and discuss. When I look at this I see KStew's signature beach-waves and smoky eye. I see a dress that has a tad more coverage than her Breaking Dawn Part 2 getup. What I really notice is that arm. That ridiculously skinny arm.

Listen, Kristen. I'm not trying to call you out. But erm, how do I say this nicely ... you're looking a little slender. Sure it could be the work of Photoshop and maybe you're a little meatier than meets the eye. I wouldn't toss out the idea that maybe the stress of the last few months is getting to you, though. Between a full-blown cheating scandal and the release of the final Twilight installment filled with interviews, press tours, and meet-and-greets, maybe it's time to focus back on yourself again before things get out of control.

I think it's safe to say that we've all been through stressful times in our lives. We feel overwhelmed, like the world is collapsing and there's nothing we can do about it. You're constantly on the go with no time to yourself, and as a result, you neglect your body.

Sometimes that means you forget to eat altogether. It could mean you stop working out. It could mean that instead of eating sort of healthy, you turn to fatty foods, a pint of Ben & Jerry's (or three) -- whatever your poison. Although it's hard, it's important to take some time to stop, look around, and evaluate what's happening.

The solution? It may not be easy, but try your best to plan in advance. Try to exert extra emotions out on a quick run or cardio workout instead of the fridge. If putting off food is your problem, bring small snacks around with you to stave away hunger and make it your goal to finish them all throughout the day. Something is always better than nothing.

Kristen, being a megastar has got to be megaridiculous. Throughout all the chaos, though, don't forget to take care of yourself.

Do you think Kristen's looking a little slim? How do you handle stress?


Image via Marie Claire

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Austin Keenan

If she's stressed out about being publically judged,   expressing passive aggressive concern about her appearance and offering unsoliticited advice might not be the best way to help. 

If she's not using drugs/alcohol to deal with the stress she should be fine.    Time heals.

Lulu2216 Lulu2216

I think she is just a skinny woman. She doesn't look like just bones and everytime 8 see her she is skinny. Since she was a teenager. Also when I extend my ARM it looks skinner than it is.

Tammy Janke

It has to be just the shot... I have seen recent pic and she looks fine. Actually a little bit more curvy. And personally I don't think she is that bad anyway. I am skinney and I can eat forever and not gain a pound. People need to give it a rest already! Stop being so mean to her... And maybe it is stress, being hounded by papp all the time and having fake stories written about your life, and a huge press tour and now promotion for OTR... I would be stressed too!

happy... happymama0609

More then likely it has been photoshopped to all hell.

hello... hellokd87

That was my first thought, that it was photoshopped. She's always be on the thin side, but HEALTHY thin, not Victoria Beckham/Katie Holmes thin. Although stress and travelling could cause you to lose weight a la Kelly Clarkson when people were saying she lost weight cos of her new boyfriend. She was just busy on the road and performing, meaning less time to boredom snack. Either way, Kristen should be fine.

nonmember avatar kaerae

She only looks "shockingly" thin if you're "grossly" obese. She's young, active and normal. Leave skinny people alone! If you don't want us to say that fat=unhealthy, then quit saying skinny=anorexic!

Bella... BellaRaye23

anyone ever think this photo could have been taken during her filming of being pregnant in Breaking Dawn 1? I'm sure some or most shots were photo shopped, but I'm sure she lost as much as she could to get into character.

nonmember avatar faithful

At least you're being nice about Kristens photo as opposed to other sites like Improper slamming her. But you should know this photo was taken many months ago way before July 27. It was the cover of Elle magazine sometime in 2011.

Denise Rae


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