7 Simple Tips for Beating Holiday Stress

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The holidays are fun, but they can be overwhelmingly stressful. Between buying all the right gifts, making sure you don't completely blow your bank account, getting the Christmas cookies up to Mom's standards, and figuring out the perfect holiday outfit -- it feels like if every little thing isn't just how you hoped it would be, you've failed.

I get it. I've been there. You want to make everyone happy. The truth is, though, that they don't have to be as hectic as everyone makes them out to be. What's a busy woman to do around the holidays? Remain calm. Trust me, it's possible! Check out our 7 easy tips to staying calm during the holiday rush:


1. Avoid the stores: Heading out to the mall or the outlets this time of year is a recipe for pure chaos. People are out shopping for things without an agenda, have no idea WHAT to buy, and are just plain in your way. Instead order online and avoid the hassle. Just make sure you click "checkout" in time for your gifts to arrive by the holidays!

2. Check for coupon codes: Googling coupon and promotional codes online can save you a whole boatload of money and get you free swag, too! Spending less money = a happier, healthier you.

3. Plan out your menu: Why freak out about planning a menu the day before Christmas Eve? Instead, decide what you want to make now. This way you can figure out which items you can prepare in advance.

4. Work out: Working out relieves stress, period. I know getting to the gym or slipping into those sneakers may be a hassle, but getting sweaty is a great way to take out your frustrations on something other than your partner.

5. Do one thing a day to treat for yourself: Aside from the workout, do one thing each day that's a little treat for you. Whether it's setting aside 15 minutes to sit down with a warm cup of tea, taking the extra time to get your makeup just right in the morning, or my favorite treat -- something involving chocolate -- don't forget to take care of yourself, too.

6. Delegate tasks: Delegating will save you a major headache later on. For example, if you know that your in-laws are coming for the holidays and your mother-in-law just LOVES sugar cookies, ask if your cousin can bring them along and save yourself the stress.

7. Outfit yourself: Don't wait until the morning of the holidays to figure out what you want to wear. They only come around once a year, so treat yourself and find something flirty and seasonal to complete your day.

Do you find the holidays stressful?

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