Frankie Muniz Has a Stroke at 26 & It Could Happen to You Too

frankie munizFrankie Muniz, star of Malcolm in the Middle, suffered a mini-stroke recently -- a stroke at the incredibly young age of 26. Muniz, who appeared on Good Morning America today, said: "I couldn't say words. I thought I was saying them! My fiance was looking at me like I was speaking a foreign language." Apparently, the actor was riding his motorcycle in Phoenix last Friday when he lost vision in one eye. Afterwards, his friends started noticing that he was "acting really weird," and they got really freaked out. Muniz began to have trouble speaking and understanding words, so he was taken to the ER, where doctors concluded that he had a mini-stroke.

Pretty scary. And pretty uncommon. Only 10 percent of stroke sufferers are under the age of 45. So, what caused Frankie's stroke? And what are the signs that you're having one?


Unfortunately, there isn't one exact thing that can be pinpointed as to why a stroke happens in young people. (A stroke is basically blood being blocked from an area in the brain.) Internet commenters everywhere right now are speculating drugs, but Muniz swears he doesn't drink, do drugs, and has never even touched a cigarette. Another possible cause people are speculating is Muniz's diet, which honestly, who knows about. (I mean, he doesn't look unhealthy.) But high cholesterol is another cause of strokes.

Now. What are the signs you're having a stroke? Well, there are a few. (But if you ever have one or some of these signs, doesn't mean it's a stroke -- remember a few years ago when that news reporter couldn't say words during a broadcast? That wasn't a stroke; it was a migraine.) Numbness on one side of the body can be a sign of a mini-stroke, as can speech and vision impairment (like Muniz). Confusion, difficulty saying words, or the inability to follow commands can be possible signs, as well.

Thankfully, Muniz is okay, but man, talk about weird. It's sad that this had to happen, but let this be a lesson to all: If you're not acting right and feel "weird" as Muniz did, seek medical attention ASAP.

Do you know anyone who's had a stroke?

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