Hilary Duff Fits Back Into Her Skinny Jeans After Baby: Here’s How She Did It

Hilary Duff post-pregnancy bodyGuys, Hilary Duff is lookin' pretty good these days. Scratch that, really good. Like she's sportin' something like a size 6 skinny jean, good. The actress/singer double-threat and new mom to Luca Cruz tweeted a photo of her teeny skinny jeans, praising her personal trainer for kicking her booty into shape after giving birth just eight months ago. Holy wow! 

Just wait, though, until you hear about the intense things that Hilary is doing to lose weight. Don't worry -- I promise you she's not starving herself or anything.


Apparently Hilary's go-to get-fit routine is pretty serious. Consisting of two-a-day workouts and everything from wind sprints to jumping rope, Hil isn't joking around and, well, the results are clear. Which all goes to show you that if you put in the effort, you'll be one happy lady.

You know what I like best about Duff's fitness strategy? That she's mixing it up. Sure, women like Kate Gosselin who can run 10 miles every other day are totally admirable, but generally the best way to stay fit and keep fit involves multiple varieties of exercise combined with a healthy diet. Not only does this keep your muscles guessing, but hello -- say goodbye to boredom! Mixing things up is entertaining and a whole lot better than killing yourself on the exact same machines day after day.

Hey Hil -- if you have any extra jeans lying around, send 'em my way!

How did you drop the baby weight?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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