Kate Gosselin Runs 10 Miles Every Other Day & If She Can Do It, So Can You

Kate GosselinLike every great mother of eight, Kate Gosselin spent her weekend doing a bazillion things. You know, the normal stuff. Kickin' it with her kiddos, getting errands done around the house, running in a half marathon ...

Yup, the reality TV momma and avid runner completed the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll half marathon over the weekend and revealed to Us Weekly that at her best, she's running 10 miles every other day. WOWZA!

That's some serious dedication. According to Gosselin, her biggest goal with all her kids running around is to get in the most exercise in the smallest amount of time. Well, shoot, it sounds like she's on to something.


I don't know about you, but when I work out, I want to burn the most calories possible ASAP. I'm all about finding effective workouts that make me really feel like I've done something. In other words, I am totally on Gosselin's page.

If Kate can manage to run 10 miles every other day, then the rest of us can manage to do something. It's all about priorities. Kate manages to put both her life at home and her hobby of staying active on the top of her list. Instead of, you know, making that glass of wine a priority after a long day doing a bazillion things -- squeeze in a quick cardio session with a workout DVD or by running your stairs. It's as easy as you make it out to be.

Who knows, maybe soon enough you'll be running in your own half marathon. Hey Kate -- congrats on your second Vegas marathon, complete!

Do you manage to fit working out into your busy schedule?


Image via Splash News

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