Gift Guide: Zen Queen

zenWhat will you buy for your friend who's a Zen Queen? You know, your friend who loves the self-help section of the bookstore and is very into healthy, peaceful living.

Check all of the Daily Buzz channels every day this week to find gift ideas for all the different people on your list. Yesterday, in Healthy Living, I posted a buying guide for the Romantic. Keep reading for gift-buying tips that are totally Zen.


essential oilsThe Product: Wellbeing Starter Kit-Divine Calm

Cost: $32.00

Where to Buy: The Body Shop

Extras: Essential oils are nature's way of making us feel better. This kit contains Divine Calm Heavenly Shower Get, Sublime Body Lotion and Relaxing Massage Oil. Also included: a mini twin ball massager and cute tote bag. Or better yet, you could buy essential oils from CafeMom masaih who sells them through Young Living Essential Oils. Read more about her essential oils in Cafe MicheleZ's recent Beauty & Style Buzz.

Why I Love It: Essential oils do not irritate my nose and skin like perfumes do. Also, they just smell healthy which automatically makes me feel better.

globalgiving gift cardThe Product: The GlobalGiving Gift Card

Cost: $10 on up

Where to Buy: GlobalGiving

Extras: Let your friend pick the charity she wants to support. 90 percent of the proceeds from the gift card will go directly to the chosen program from Livelihood for 500 Disabled Mothers in India to Creating New Health Professionals in South Sudan.

Why I Love It: This is a way people like me can do something for important causes worldwide. The awesome folks at UNIFEM's Say No to Violence Against Women, including their goodwill ambassador Nicole Kidman, would agree.

homeopathyThe Product: Encyclopedia of Homeopathy

Cost: $29.95

Where to Buy: Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Extras: A comprehensive guide to all-natural remedies that can help with asthma, breast problems, cancer, depression, infertility, multiple sclerosis, pneumonia, rheumatoid arthritis and strokes; and, a self-help guide on how to treat ailments including acne and insomnia, sprains, colic in babies and PMS.

Why I Love It: This looks like the most complete resource available; it gets high reviews; and, like many health zen nuts, I've always wanted to learn a lot more about homeopathy.

vivaboxThe Product: VivaBox Personalized Gift

Cost: $45 and up

Where to Buy: VivaBox

Extras: This is a super cool concept. For your friend, you can choose a gift theme like Spa Massage, Spa Beauty, Tea Time or Gourmet Meal to Your Door. Then the recipient receives the box that includes a few samples. Then she gets to redeem a gift card for even more of her favorite thing.

Why I Love It: I have to admit, I received a VivaBox Spa Massage. It's awesome. I get to choose any massage from SpaFinder, and I got wonderful lavender shower gel and lotion.

Check out gifts for the Do-It-Yourself workout girl tomorrow.

Do you know of any great gifts for people who like to be super healthy and just enjoy chilling out?
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