Obese Mannequins Spark Outrage & Make Us Wonder Why Fat People Are So Hated

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Obese MannequinLast week, Reddit was ground zero for the latest battle royale in the war on fat. It’s bad enough that society has such a low tolerance for heavy women on television and the big screen, but now we can’t even stomach the sight of heavy mannequins in our stores. When a user posted a photo of a larger-than-average mannequin along with the comment, "Anyone else horrified that they make obese mannequins too now?" the Internet responded with hatred.

People were actually angry about the mannequins, and many commented on their size. The whole thing ignited a heated debate on whether or not overweight people can ever be healthy and whether or not overweight mannequins can in some way promote an "obese lifestyle."

Why does it bother people so much that mannequins are made to reflect the size of the people wearing the clothes? It's kind of ridiculous and sheer fantasy when you go into a plus-sized shop and all the clothes are pinned to smaller-sized mannequins. It doesn't give an accurate idea of what the clothes will look like on. Are we just a society in denial? Would we prefer that we all go through life Photoshopped, and if we can’t be molded to fit the impossible standards, we should be locked away like Quasimodo in a tower?

We cannot keep lying to ourselves about obesity. It is real, and the sooner we face it and try to get healthy, the sooner we will all be better off. Getting mad because mannequins are fat is not the answer. Heavyset mannequins are not the problem. They are only a symptom of the problem.

We need to get mad and motivated that we are becoming unhealthier as a nation and do something proactive about it. It’s like the old saying, "Hate the sin, not the sinner." I say, hate the unhealthy lifestyle, not the plus-sized mannequin that's just a reflection of what so many Americans look like today.

Do overweight mannequins offend you?

Image via ReddityDoopity/Reddit

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KathyTh. KathyTh.

@Frances, no, it could never be me.  Because I would never abuse my body like that.  And just because more and more people are getting fat doesn't make it ok.  If a fat person avoids looking in the mirror from the neck down, what does that tell you?  All these folks saying that they are just fine with how they look are lying to you and to themselves.  

julie... julie21210

I agree with everyone on here that had something to say regarding how freaking weird that mannequin looks. If your gonna make a fat mannequin make it look like a normal human being! I don't care if ppl are overweight, its your business, your body. If your a good person then your ok in my book. If your sitting In front me scarfing down a big mac, fries, 2 apple pies, a Sunday and order a DIET coke and are complaining about ur weight tho I'm gonna tell u what I think ... I'll be polite but I'm gonna tell you. If your happy with u tho then ok with me. I just think ppl should be able to be happy with themselves. And I certainly am sick and tired of models weighing like 5lbs. But in all seriousness, this thing is freaking me out and the creeping alone would make me leave. It's like the r trying to prove just how fat it is by putting a tiny head and hands on it. That's just not normal looking

Miche... MichelleK41

No they do not offend me at all.  It's about time they gear towards the real world.

Todd Vrancic

Overweight mannequins?  Just how much do the mannequins weigh?

nonmember avatar Heather

Wow, some of these comments are amazing. Please, I urge you to do some real research about Binge Eating Disorder. BED is not relegated to people eating extreme amounts of food. Some have lived their entire lives with severe guilt and unhealthy relationships with food. Some are in therapy, trying to figure out where the issue stems from. People can't just "get over" their issues. Just because someone is overweight does not always mean that they are lazy. Also, not all people can physically get to be a size 6 because of genetics. People with "naturally thin" genes have no idea what it is to struggle with your weight since you were a child. I know "thin" people that have worse blood pressure, cholesteral,etc than the overweight people I know. Am I saying I want to be unhealthy, no. I am saying, have a little compassion instead of being so quick to place judgement. You have no clue what someone is going through or what has caused their weight issues. You being "offended" by their weight means nothing,and helps nothing. Overweight people have just as much right as you, to feel good about themselves. You shaming them/us isn't going to help anything.

nonmember avatar KatLynn

Zach, not everyone who is overweight got that way by overeating and not exercising. Some of us have a thyroid hormone imbalance that causes weight gain.
People come in all shapes and sizes, how someone else choses to live their life is their concern not yours or that of anyone else!

tiger... tigermommy24

im overweight and i wear a size 24-26 i hate seeing skinny manniquins that i cant relate too... I have been trying since highschool to bethat stupid skinny never worked.... Lets just say i rather be a size 14 then my size now any day... But come on im obese but very healthy

Jennifer B Kinghorn

Anyone who complains or is pissed or disgusted by this is a fucking asshole and thats all that really needs to be said. Fine, if you think it promotes unhealthy lifestyles, then all the size 00 anorexic freak mannequins need to be removed too. Starving ones self is dangerous, stupid and not healthy after all. SO yeah, no more double standards. Shallow assholes.

Lita O'Cuillain

being big girl all my life, I could relate to everything you all wrote here. I've lost some weight, but I will need to lose 50 more lbs to reach my so called 'ideal' weight, although every physicians know my problem is that my frame is extremely big and heavy. One said, I am build like line-backer, which is very close to the truth of how I am built.

I am 180 lbs, size 8-10 clothes (depends on the brands), I am physically active..very active. Am having problem sitting still, tend to be over-impulsive, not ADD/ADHD tho, but I do have metabolic problem.  That's why I have problems losing weight, which is not helping those scale numbers.


I hate skinny mannequins. They are so distorted and no real human being looks like that anyway.

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