Women Who Wear Makeup to the Gym Make Me Want to Shake Them Violently

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GymThe other night I was at the gym minding my own business. My legs felt like they were carrying 25-pound weights on every step of my three-mile treadmill run. I looked up after my exhausting run and saw something that made me infuriated. Ehhh, I'm exaggerating a little. Strongly perturbed.

A woman. In full makeup with hair looking like she just came from a salon. Curls. Dark brown curls. Tight yoga pants. Small tank top with designer push-up sports bra. Photo shoot-ready.

And there I am, a sweaty mess. Dripping. No makeup. I feel like the ugly duckling on steroids. To be blunt: all I wanted to do was channel my inner Lindsay Lohan and straight up punch her in the face.

Let's talk about wearing makeup to the gym, shall we? I understand if you're going throughout your day and you have some eyeliner and mascara on from who knows when. Putting makeup on to GO to the gym, though, is something I'll just never understand. Why are you wasting your makeup? Or even worse -- when you sweat, your pores open up, and ick, why do you want that grime in there? That, and who wants black streaming down their face 15 minutes into a session on the stationary bike? Answer: No one.

Unless, well, you're like my friend walking three miles an hour on the treadmill and plan not to sweat at all, all the while your hair is tousled perfectly like a Kardashian. Then, I suggest you be alert and prepared for dirty stares from women like me who are angry you're taking up valuable treadmill space that could be used by someone who ACTUALLY wants to drop winter weight.

As a note: I do understand that sometimes physically fit, beautiful people meet other physically fit, beautiful people in this place of sweat. They flirt. They exhange numbers. Really, though, I lose all faith in the male species knowing that an act like THAT really gets your blood pumping.

... and, exhale.

Does it bother you when you see other women wearing makeup at the gym? Have you ever seen someone TRULY dolled up?


Image via Emily Abbate

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fave82 fave82

Jesus, do you have roid rage? Calm the f down. Try worrying about yourself and not being so concerned about what other people are doing.

Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

I go to the gym in the same makeup I usually wear any ol' day- mascara and light eyeliner. As for my hair, its pulled up like it is most days. So no special gym outfit for me. I do see some women who are way overdone for the occasion but I just chuckle. I'd hate to be them under all that heavy makeup and hairspray. Now what makes me want to up chuck is seeing women who think they look great in their too tight sports bra and coochie cutters lol. There's a woman that goes to my gym in that exact outfit and is about one hundred pounds too big for it. Or the guys in their daisy duke swish shorts that let their balls hang out, literally. I'm all for taking pride in your body, except when it borders on obscene. Otherwise, I don't really judge anyone their gym gear. It's fun to observe :)

Blues... Blueshark77

Well, I don't get enraged. It's usually an internal eye roll and giggle, the giggle because they kind of look ridiculous and the eye roll because a lot of the time they are just sitting on a machine instead of using it. 

Doomy234 Doomy234

I think those women only go to the gym to show off and possibly pick up a buff date. Normally the ones in the gym with full-on makeup are already in decent shape. No offense, but I never see big girls in there all dolled up. Which leads me to believe the make-up wearers are fitness whores, there to prove their glutes are tighter than yours and get mens' attention. I dont get mad, but I think its dumb. What do I get mad about in the gym? The women who are just sitting on the equipment doing nothing and chatting either on their phones or with their girl friend. Ugh. Move along please. If you're not there to work out then GTFO and talk at home.

kissa... kissandtell

I wear makeup to the gym. Not enough to look like a clown but enough for me to look and feel good working out. If you know how to put it on right with the right products, then it won't sweat off. Sorry if that "infuriates" some people. You sound like a jealous person.

nikki... nikkivolkov

I actually feel sorry for these girls. I figure they must have low selfesteem to need to wear makeup 24/7 and are probably at the gym to deal with their body issues. They must feel like they are being judged to need to beautify before working out. Thank goodness for places like curves.

blue82 blue82

People who get offended by what these writers/gossipers say in here are idiots. You people act like they are talking to you directly. There only writing what others are already thinking. like it or not I'm positive they are not the only one who thinks/feels this way about whatever the subject may be. Don't take it personal be yourself!!!!!

nonmember avatar JGM1764

What time of day did this happen? Might they have just come from work? I work out in the morning at home and don't go to a gym, but I do often go horseback riding weekday evenings. Tacking/untacking, mucking out stalls and such is dirty work, but I do it in full makeup because I've just come from my office job, and while I change clothes before going of course I don't usually wash makeup off first. Get over yourself already.

effinjen effinjen

Who cares! Sounds like another example of women bashing other women. Are you that insecure about your ugly face that you have to go off on someone you don't even know? Granted, I don't plan on wearing make-up to the gym, but hell, who has time between work and everything else to take their make-up off everytime they go to the gym! I've had a few women tell me they wear make-up because when they look good they feel good and it inspires them to work harder. Isn't that one of the points of working out, to look good? Jealous

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