The Best 'Quickie' Stretch to Start Your Day (VIDEO)

Why is it every time I reach behind me in the car to hand my children a toy/drink/video game, I end up pulling a muscle? I used to be limber, stretchy, "bendy," but now I can barely walk to the bathroom without something cracking or popping. Listen, the only thing that should be snapping, crackling, or popping in the morning is my children's cereal!

Which is why I invited Rob Sulaver, trainer to the stars and founder of Bandana Training, to come on The Jenny Isenman Show.

Watch after the jump for a (quick) kick-ass morning stretch to get you through the day -- without having to pop anything back into place!


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Do you find yourself less stretchy/bendy/limber as you age?

Image via Sean Dreilinger/Flickr

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