Christina Aguilera's Fuller Figure Brings Out the Meanies

Christina AguileraChristina Aguilera was a blond bombshell at the recent AMA Awards. The singer wowed with her performance as she belted out vocals like the rock star she is, but it wasn't her singing, or her hair, that had people talking tweeting. It was her fuller hourglass figure.

Here are a few nasty tweets from AMA viewers:


"Carrie Underwood is what Christina Aguilera thinks she looks like right now. And no one has the heart to tell her 'NAWL.'"

"Christina Aguilera looks like Snooki. No wait, that's an insult to Snooki."

"Did Christina Aguilera eat one of Willy Wonka's blueberries?"

Why do people feel it is their right to comment on Aguilera's weight just because she is a celebrity? We would never tweet such vile and repulsive things about the average woman if she were overweight because it is mean and in bad taste.

For some reason, we feel it's okay to insult and be hurtful to people we don’t even know. In reality, shouldn't we be glad there is a celebrity who is happy with her body as it is and not starving herself to fit a mold? She looks a lot more like the average woman than most stars.

And maybe that's the problem. Maybe we don't want celebrities who look like us. Maybe we prefer they look photoshopped and inhuman -- maybe that's what our society has been conditioned to think is beautiful. But then, what does that say about us? Are we a nation of self-loathing people?

Personally, I think she looks beautiful and confident. If she can embrace her curves and love herself, why can’t the rest of us?

Do you think it's okay to say mean things about celebrities on Twitter?


Image via Renata de Rosis/Flickr

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