Selena Gomez's Hospital Visit Could Be a Sign Justin Bieber Is Making Her Sick

Selena GomezI'm a big believer that stress in your life can cause you to become ill. Studies back me up. Stress can lower your immune system and undermine the body's ability to fight off infection. The year I broke up with my fiancé was the first year I'd ever had strep throat. Part of that was probably stress, part of it my break-up coping mechanisms -- increased drinking, partying -- and part of it probably the lack of sleep. So when I read that Selena Gomez, who has been going through a tumultuous time with her (ex?) boyfriend, Justin Bieber, had checked herself into the hospital, it was something that made me go Hmmm.


It's been a couple of weeks now that Selena and the Biebs have been on and off. First we hear she's blocked his text messages and calls. Then we hear they stayed in the same hotel together. Then an after-party. Then they break up again. Then Selena is in the hospital getting checked for strep and bronchitis -- while Biebs waits in the parking lot. Maybe Selena's issue is the guy in the parking lot.

A friend of mine who was going through a divorce developed a host of physical ailments, including high blood pressure. No shocker, when the guy left, she suddenly felt a lot better.

It's not just about relationships though -- I've seen people get sick when their jobs are stressful, when they're out of work, when someone else in their family is sick.

It's so important to pay attention to your body. If you think everything is going great with you, yet your body is telling you otherwise, and yet doctors are finding nothing wrong medically -- look at your life. Are you ignoring some area of stress? Is your relationship not all you're cracking it up to be? Do you hate your job more than you're willing to admit? Are you traveling a lot? Going out too much?

Eat right, exercise, meditate, do yoga -- do all of those things. But don't ignore your life. Don't ignore stuff that may be going on that's stressing you out, that you maybe don't want to look at closely. Get off the computer if you need to. Stop talking to that person who is making you tear your hair out. Take a vacation. Your body knows more than you do sometimes. Are you listening, Sel?

Have you ever gotten sick during stressful times?


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