My Irregular Periods Make Me Feel Like Something’s Wrong With Me

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Woman getting her periodWomen bitch about menstruating all the time. Never-ending cramps, having to buy overpriced tampons, the annoying feeling of tighter clothes because of uncomfortable bloat. One would think that NOT getting a regular period while NOT being pregnant and NOT having to deal with all those things would be a total jackpot, right?

Wrong. For the last four months, I bitched about being period-free. I would stress over having a bun in the oven when I had absolutely nothing to worry about. I bought a handful of pregnancy tests, which all came back negative, and gave myself a near heart attack every damn time I peed on a stick.

The reality? After trying nearly every damn birth control pill out there since age 16 and having breakthrough bleeding on EACH one -- I was finally on a birth control pill where not getting a regular period was a side effect. And you know what? I was frustrated. Beyond.

Plain and simple: I've been irregular for years, and for the love of god, it's driving me insane.

Not menstruating was too taxing for me, so once again, I'm on a pill where I have my period randomly throughout the month. You know what's the most frustrating part? There is no easy fix for this. I feel as though I have lost control over my body and it makes me upset and angry all at once. Why can one pill work for everyone else, and not for me? Why am I constantly on the defensive, body? Why can't this be easy?

I feel like I'm choosing between the worse of two evils. Do I go off the pill knowing that I'll once again finally have a normal cycle, but be on edge getting intimate? Or do I stick to the pill and accept the irregularity because, hey, it'll give me some piece of mind.

I know the statistics. I know using condoms are generally 95 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. Still, though, I want to have some control on MY end. I want to be able to go away for a long weekend without packing a slew of tampons. I want to not worry about what underwear I'm wearing in case "it" happens. And most importantly, I just want to feel like a normal woman.

Do you have an irregular cycle? Does it make you as frustrated as it makes me?

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nonmember avatar chilichowder

I've been irregular for as long as I can remember and I tried going on BC to regulate it, but only ended up making it worse... I once went over two years without menstruating (got examined a couple of times and was told everything was fine) and then just started back up again out of nowhere. It's the most frustrating thing for me a lot of the time, because I never know when I'll get "it".

hello... hellokd87

I'm currently on Jolessa and for the first month and a half I started the pill it would make me bleed on and off which freaked me out because i had never taken a BCP before and I ALWAYS knew when I would get my period. Sometimes, within a few days, I would be able to tell when I was going to get it. But the side effect of first time users for Jolessa is slight spotting in between which is what I got. What I like about it is that I get my period every three months. So in a way I know when I'm going to get it, just not as often as I used to. I know the feeling and it drove me crazy during the first cycle!

Elizabeth Ahmad

You need to get checked for PCOS.  Irregular cycles is a common symptom of PCOS.  It will affect your fertility.

MamaD... MamaDV1012

NFP, fertility charting, fertility awareness whatever you want to call it, when done correctly it is as effective as the pill, no hormones, no side effects, no guessing or wondering.  I feel your pain, been there. 

femal... femaleMIKE

My irregular periods aren't from the type of birth control I use.  Mine is from having PCOS and hypothyroidism.  It affects my fertility. Try suffering from infertility and you will really be complaining about not getting your period.


expecting baby

his88... his88angel

I understand. I have always been iregular but i stopped for about two years. Doctors say im fine. Currently trying to get pregnant and im stressed out even more because its been over 3 months with no period and im not pregnant.

purvi... purvislets

I've always been irregular, but the pills helped. Then, last February, I suffered a mini stroke that was caused by the birth control pills. I'm currently pregnant now, but once this baby is born my options for birth control are very limited. I fear I am now forced to face the remainder of my fertile years dealing with extremely irregular cycles and no way to regulate them.

Marisa Grady

It sounds like you could benefit from looking into NaPro. It's also called Creighton Model NFP but they help you figure out and understand your cycle, worth looking up on Google.

BPayne09 BPayne09

You need to be checked out. I have PCOS and endometriosis both of which cause irregular periods and fertility issues.

nonmember avatar Carol

I have horribly irregular periods. I have been off and on the pill since I was 18(I'm 31). In April 2011, I decided to come off the pill and wanted a more natural approach to birth control. I opted for the hormone free IUD. The first few months were ok but for the past year I never know when my period will come. And sometimes when it does, it lasts a month. I have had blood work and everything appears "normal". Just waiting on ultrasound now. It sucks!

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