Gift Guide: Romantic

sexy coupleWhat will you buy for your friend who's a total Romantic (AKA sexy mama)?

Check all of the Daily Buzz channels every day this week to find gift ideas for all the different people on your list. Yesterday, in Healthy Living, I posted a buying guide for the Fitness Addict. Today, here are gift suggestions for the Romantic


vibratorThe Product: Lipstick Vibrator

Cost: $11.25 at Amazon

Where to Buy: Amazon,

Extras: Fits in your cosmetic bag without being embarrassing. And here is more according to the company: Great for your afternoon commute, bathroom breaks, or solo play at home or in the office. Try it in the shower--it's safe when wet--and everyone will be wondering why you take so long to get ready.

Why I Love It: Made by woman-owned company Pleasure Bazaar. Whatever your preferences, this discreet lipstick might always be the right shade.

lingerie, Victoria's Secret

The Product: Pleated Babydoll Lingerie by Victoria's Secret

Cost: $34.50

Where to Buy: Victoria's Secret

Extras: Sexy without being embarrassing or uncomfortable.

Why I Love It: This looks like it would actually be comfy. Best of all, it's sexy but still forgiving. It doesn't make women feel fat.

lubeThe Product: BabeLube

Cost:$1 to $20

Where to Buy: Babeland

Extras: It's glycerin-free, and known to be one of the least irritating, most comfortable lubricants on the market.

Why I Love It: Cheap, practical, non-irritating. Not tested on animals.

sex bookThe Product: Real Sex for Real Women

Cost: $15

Where to Buy: Amazon

Extras: Tips for maximizing your sex life, new positions and expressing your needs.

Why I Love It: The author, Dr. Laura Berman is awesome. She is the founder and director of the Berman Center in Chicago, which specializes in sexual health and therapy, and she really cares about real women and our sex lives. I wrote about her recently when she discussed the 3 Ways Women Can Have Orgasms.

Check back tomorrow for gift ideas for the Zen Queen.

What sexy items might be on your secret holiday wish list?

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