Melissa Rycroft's Alarming 'DWTS' Weight Loss Is the Show's Latest Dangerous Slim-Down

Melissa RycroftThe other day as I was watching Dancing With the Stars, I noticed something alarming: Melissa Rycroft has become really, REALLY skinny. She was always a beautiful and toned woman, but she has become a beautiful and rail-thin one. The show has many benefits, but one of the big ones right now is the weight loss.

Stars like Kirstie Alley, Kelly Osbourne, and others have touted the weight loss on the show as one of the biggest perks, and that makes sense. IF you have weight to lose. Rycroft? Does not.

The show is great for dancing and for so many other things, but if it's becoming thin, then it might not be the healthiest show on TV. After all, we are already constantly bombarded by images of rain-thin celebs, many of whom go ON the show in the first place. And now the "normal" ones have to become too skinny, too? How is this healthy?


It's great that the show has become a place where people can show off their hot bods. But it's also frustrating that the weight loss is caused by 9 to 10 hours of heavy working out EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The stars may lose that weight in the short term, but maintaining it in the long term might be harder. And that's assuming it was even healthy in the first place for them to lose weight.

It seems like, while losing weight used to just be something that happened, it has now become a reason people go on the show. As anyone who has ever lost weight knows, the second you start getting major accolades for weight loss -- "OMG, you look SO great!" -- it becomes that much more of a struggle.

After all, all those compliments become the reason to stay thin. Just how BAD did I look before? Rycroft never needed to lose weight, but she is super competitive. Is it possible that she wanted to compete with some of the other thinner stars? Is it possible that she is forgetting to eat because she is so busy with her family, work, and the show? All of it is possible, but none of it adds up to healthy weight loss.

The more this show becomes about weight loss, the more injuries we will see. Mark my words. This is not what the show is about, and it needs to be less of a "thing."

Do you think Melissa is getting too thin?


Image via ABC

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