Confessions of a Yo-Yo Dieter: I’m Tired of My Unhealthy Habits


My name is Emily, and lately, I've been a yo-yo dieter. I can't commit to an exercise routine. I'll run eight miles one Saturday, and then I go a week without a cardio workout. Today for lunch I had THREE slices of gooey, warm pizza. One. Two. THREE. Someone, anyone, save me before I fall head first into my old ways.

OK, so no one is dying here. Tell me, though, that you can relate? It's winter. The clothes fit looser, the layers are forgiving, the extra "love" keeps you warmer. Isn't that what they say, anyway?

This whole up and down thing, though, it's frightening to me. Three years ago I finished a four-year-long journey of losing just over 60 pounds. Dropping the weight took a lot of self control, but it was worth it and the results were invigorating. It's been an amazing three years of a healthy, happier, and more productive active life.

Until about four months ago. That's when I went on vacation and it all changed.


Puerto Rico was perfect. The abundant sunshine was beautiful, and man, so was the food. Authentic cooking, piña colada after piña colada, I was on vacation, so heck -- what did it matter, right? You can eat whatever you want in paradise. Then I came home, and well, I just didn't snap back.

Fast forward four months, and I'm still not back to where I was pre-vacation. I've dipped back toward my old weight, but then I'll go two weeks filled with birthday dinners and weekend brunches and it's all a wash. It's down, then back up, down, then back up: a viscous cycle I just want more than anything to break.

And then there's the kicker: the fact that no one's said anything. When talking to a good friend of mine over my frustration, she told me you couldn't tell. So did a colleague. And sure, they could be lying to me (heck, isn't that what "good" friends do?), but if I can eat the way I can and no one's gonna tell me I'm looking different, then why change?

News flash lady: YOU need to change. Whether or not my friends are lying, I need to change to be healthy. I need to change to feel better about the way my clothes fit and the way I'm living my life. I know how it's done, eating "splurge" foods in moderation and incorporating regular exercise. Instead of continuing to say "tomorrow," I just need to put my foot down and say "today." Today, I make a pact that, yes, I will do better.

Will you commit to eating better with me? Have you ever struggled with yo-yo dieting?


Image via o5com/Flickr

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