Overweight Woman Runs Into Ex With New Thinner Girlfriend and Goes on Crash Diet

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scaleMom Sarah Clancy ran into an ex-boyfriend who had a hot new girlfriend by his side. Clancy had put on weight since giving birth and had been insecure about her size even before they'd broken up, going so far as to blame the split on her weight gain. After seeing him with a much thinner woman, she was so humiliated that she made a life-altering decision. Clancy decided on the spot to lose the extra weight.

After embarking on a strict diet and exercise program, Clancy says she has been able to go from a size 16 to a size 6, and she owes it all to her ex. She’s never felt happier or hotter.

Wow! I’d say that Clancy still seems hung up on this guy. But even worse, she went about slimming down in a very unhealthy way. She was devastated and humiliated and hurt, so the priority was to crash diet and lose weight. All for a man she used to date.

I’m more than a little concerned about what kind of message she is sending to her children. By going on an extreme diet and losing more than 100 pounds after seeing her ex, she is demonstrating not only that her self-worth is linked to her size, but also that she hinges all her happiness on a man.

I’m all for people getting healthy. If seeing an ex is what kicked her into gear to take care of herself, that's great. But the way she did it seems to set a bad example for her kids. If she has girls, they will learn to copy her actions, and if she has boys, they will think they can treat women like crap every time they want to manipulate them to do what they want.

I did a lot of stupid things when I was single. Things I am not particularly proud of, especially in the dating world. Then again, I was in my 20s and completely self-absorbed, so my actions didn’t have as much of a ripple effect as they do now. But since I got married and became a mom, I don't just act. I think about how it would affect them first. And that's exactly what Clancy failed to do.

Do you think Clancy's weight loss after running into her ex is a bad example for her children?

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nonmember avatar M

I read the article. Her diet sounded healthy & going on a "strict diet & exercise program" is how a person loses weight. You don't lose weight by eating cupcakes all day. & it didn't sound like in the article that she was super hung up on her ex. It sounded like she already wanted to lose weight & seeing him was the push she needed. Being 100lbs overweight is very unhealthy, so why would you want her to stay that way, just so it didn't seem like she thought "self-worth is linked to her size"?

nonmember avatar Sandy

I doubt that she told her children this was her reason, so that in itself isn't a bad example. But crash diets are. Your job is to teach children to be and live healthy as a parent. She should have taken this opportunity to go about this in a healthier way.

kelli... kelli0585

That's a pretty gross assumption, there.  So what if her mode of inspiration came from an ex-boyfriend.  She's healthier, now and looks great.  She did it by being healthy, and was strict about it.  

She saw something that she didn't like about herself, and changed it with honest and hard work.  2 years is a great timeline for that.  Where is this "crash" that you mention?  Her self esteem has probably skyrocketed.  So tell me how that is bad for her children?

Miche... Michelephant

I enjoy how the entire source article was taken out of context.  It took her almost two years to loose that weight and she ate 3 meals a day while doing it. This is the perfect example of a woman who should never have been a size 16 in the first place and its a good thing that she had a wake up call and did what she needed to do to be healthy. 


Judge much?Would you have been happier if she had tucked into 5 tons of Ben and Jerrys?That was the motivation she needed;and that was a cheap shot saying she did it because she still isn't over him.If she hadn't lost weight you would have talked smack about how That would have been a bad example to her child.

Blaze Hazen

I think her weight loss is awesome!! Congrats to her on that but no, girl, no on that tan! She looks disgusting and its sad because otherwise she could be a very pretty girl.

Manda... MandaMommyof2

The author of this cafemon article must have done some serious reading between the lines or something..... How is 100 pounds over the course of two years a crash diet? She ate healthy. 3 meals a day and exercised. Does not sound like a crash diet to me. Crash diets do not produce results like these..

pupuk... pupukeawahine

I once lost some weight due to something "hung up" like this.  Use whatever inspiration you need to do what you'd like to do and what's good for you.  After the diet, I bet she stopped thinking about her ex and felt good enough about herself to start looking around at other men.  I say, you go girl, and do what you need to do to get happy for yourself.

ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

Realizing i was going to have to parent two toddlers alone made me want to be thinner and have more energy. Sometimes a crisis can make you a better person.

nonmember avatar Sarah

Where in that article does it reference any sort of unhealthy weight loss methods? I read the article, and from what I understand she lost weight by changing her eating habits and exercising. Plus she did it slowly within two years. That is hardly a crash diet. I don't think there is anything wrong with her wake up call either. Whatever motivated her to get healthy worked. I think this blogger may be jealous?...

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