Jennifer Hudson Thinks She's Still Big & We Can Understand Why

Jennifer Hudson 'Redbook'Whenever I think celebrity weight loss, Jennifer Hudson is always the first name to pop into my mind. Hudson looks fiiiineee. Heck, she looks better than fine. The Weight Watchers spokeswoman is on the cover Redbook's December issue looking dazzling in a quarter sleeve white dress talking about her journey with weight loss.

She tells the magazine "I keep thinking that I probably need an extra-large or a large and the stylist is like, 'No, you need a medium or a small.'"

As a woman who used to weigh 60 pounds more myself, man is is Jennifer preaching to the choir. Warped self-image may as well be the one quality that most women have in common, do you agree?


There's a huge different between people telling you look great and feeling like you look great. Like Hudson, I have the same issues clothes shopping and it almost always has to do with trying on pants. For years and years, I was wearing double digit sizes, and to this day I still look at those sizes first when I head into a store. It's habit, I suppose. When I hold up the items to look at them more closely, in my mind that's still the size that looks like it would fit me. The reality though, is that it doesn't. It may take a few sessions in the fitting room every now and then to accept that, but heck, the realization always feels just as good.

Inside Redbook, Hudson also talks about keeping her slim figure through the holidays. Whether you've lost a ton of weight or are just trying to maintain -- her suggestions are definitely helpful. Her biggest tips? Set aside some calories specific for Christmas dinner, and stay far away from anything you think you just won't be able to stop yourself from eating.

Spoken like a woman who knows to stick to her guns. My big question? Can SOMEONE please tell me where I can get that beautiful Redbook white dress for my holiday celebration?

Have you ever had a warped self-image?


Image via Redbook

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