Nadya Suleman’s Dad Joins Her in Rehab & Makes It an Octo-Family Affair

Nadya SulemanLet it never be said that Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, isn’t an inspiration. It seems that after she checked into rehab last week to deal with Xanax addition, someone else was so moved by her move that he checked himself into rehab too. That person? Octograndpa — Nadya’s own father, Ed Doud.

According to TMZ, the 71-year-old has fought an alcohol addiction for years, and since Nadya was getting clean, he decided to do so too. On Wednesday he reportedly checked in for a 28-day stay at Chapman House Rehabilitation Center, which is the same place Nadya chose for her 30-day stay. Sounds like a nice little family getaway, no? According to a source, they actually haven’t seen each other yet and are being kept away from one another for the time being, but they will be together for some family therapy sessions. Oh to be a fly ….


It’s, of course, never a bad thing when someone checks into rehab, so I’m glad her dad is getting help too. I’m also not surprised. Not that you can blame people’s bad behavior and addictions on their parents in every case, but so often we see the behavior of the parents, and then their children’s actions make much more sense. The whole Lohan clan is a perfect example of this. Of course, since Michael Lohan is trying to take credit for getting Octomom to check into rehab in the first place, I bet he’s feeling extra special and self-important today at his 2-for-1 powers.

Hopefully rehab will be great for both of them, and they’ll emerge stronger, healthier, and better able to raise all 14 of those children. But somehow my cynical side can’t help wonder what kind of move this is for publicity or some future project. I hope I’m way off base.

Are you surprised that Nadya Suleman’s father checked into rehab? Would anything about her or her family surprise you?

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