10 Disgusting Habits People Should Never Show in Public

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Last week, I was called for jury duty, which in my case, was nothing more than code for sitting in a room with 400 people for 8 hours with absolutely nothing to do. Well, nothing to do other than question the public's choices in acceptable behaviors. It was an ... enlightening day.

Can we, as a world, please agree not to do the following things in public? Pretty please? With cherries on top?

1. Nail cutting. This applies to both finger and toe nails. Obviously.

2. Nail filing. Not as revolting as nail cutting, but still not appropriate as a public activity. A fast fix it for a single finger? Fine. Angrily filling away ten nails, causing nail chalk flying in the air? No. Please, no.

3. Nose picking. It happens, I know. But can't it happen in the bathroom?

4. Talking on your phone like you are the only person in the room.

5. Excessive spitting

6. Eating anything that is finger licking good. Barbecue restaurants, of course, being the exception. 

7. Exposing bare feet, anywhere other than the pool or beach. Removing your shoes and putting your bare feet on the back of my chair, for instance. There is just no reason for that. Ever.

8. Bushing your hair

9. Scratching private body parts.

10. Snoring. If you can't doze off without snoring, you should not be dozing off in public.


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Angie Hayes

I cant stand people whot spit while I am walking by them and people who blow there noses while eating in a resturant, go in the bathroom!

Stephanie Bernaba

Aw, man! Hair brushing? I think I need an allowance for that.

momto... momtolittleg

I'm with you!  And can I add polishing your nails?  I was on an airplane once and a woman near me decided to polish her nails.  I was like, WTF?!  Now the whole plane can smell that stuff!  Luckily the flight attendant asked her to put it away after a few fingers.  Ugh.

nonmember avatar kayleigh

The spitting one is the one that gets me. Like at the gym, guys are just spitting on the floor! yuck! I work in a clinic and a thing I see a lot is people walk into the waiting room and just kick off their shoes and stretch out like their at home! I don't even want to imagine the nastiness thats on the carpet that people have their bare feet on. I've even caught a patient who was getting an exam sitting on a chair with material (idk why a hosptial would have such a chair anyways) NAKED and on her PERIOD. *gag*

Tasha Elsnau

 I'm guilty of the hair brushing. I don't do it going into any place to eat, but if it's a really windy day, I'll run the brush or comb through my hair. Finger combing does my hair no good.

Beth Hannah

I am guilty of nail clipping, but I do it inside my purse, and it's only when I break a nail. I cannot stand when one is broke and jagged.  But it's not out there in public.  Some of this is pretty gross though....I think I would freak out if someone took their shoes off near me in public. That is just gross. Up there with people who carry money in their underwear or socks and then pay for items with it.

Sharon Stockdale

Good Lord, what city do you live in that brought that response????

Mary Sheridan Faubion-Arling

Controlling hypersensitivity

let people be

how do any of those things effect you?????

Melissa Pemberton

It's cool to be all petty about miniscule things that really have no effect on your life what so ever. We are just human animals sharing the world; get over it and stop judging everyone and this planet might be a lot more enjoyable.

Carrie Combs

well, once upon a time I would have agreed with you... but some are these are really silly to get worked up about. Relax and enjoy life...Look at the positive around you. I get what you are saying but sometimes we are too caught up in the negative. if you dont like something, get up and move, look the other way. We used to live in caves. we used to not have carpet, or hair brushes. Okay maybe I am going back a "few" years Ha! My point is, is that we have been trained to be a certain way or society, esp in the USA, will reject us and that if we act human we are disgusting. Take for instance, most ladies in the west shave our legs because we would be considered gross if we did not. Ok, who started that rule?? Really? why is that gross...think about it. Some of my examples may sound extreem to some but we need to focus on the positive and see things in a new light. Did you see anything positive that day? Or we you too busy judging or thinking about your next story to grab the attention of others to not realize that there were positive things going on??? Maybe that person that took their shoe off was because their foot was hurting to much to walk, foot was swollen, and they needed to put there foot up to lower the swelling. Unlearn some of the bs that we were taught and look for the positive!!!

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