10 Disgusting Habits People Should Never Show in Public

Last week, I was called for jury duty, which in my case, was nothing more than code for sitting in a room with 400 people for 8 hours with absolutely nothing to do. Well, nothing to do other than question the public's choices in acceptable behaviors. It was an ... enlightening day.

Can we, as a world, please agree not to do the following things in public? Pretty please? With cherries on top?


1. Nail cutting. This applies to both finger and toe nails. Obviously.

2. Nail filing. Not as revolting as nail cutting, but still not appropriate as a public activity. A fast fix it for a single finger? Fine. Angrily filling away ten nails, causing nail chalk flying in the air? No. Please, no.

3. Nose picking. It happens, I know. But can't it happen in the bathroom?

4. Talking on your phone like you are the only person in the room.

5. Excessive spitting

6. Eating anything that is finger licking good. Barbecue restaurants, of course, being the exception. 

7. Exposing bare feet, anywhere other than the pool or beach. Removing your shoes and putting your bare feet on the back of my chair, for instance. There is just no reason for that. Ever.

8. Bushing your hair

9. Scratching private body parts.

10. Snoring. If you can't doze off without snoring, you should not be dozing off in public.


Image via Scary Mommy

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