Too-Sexy Breast Cancer PSA Totally Misses the Point (VIDEO)

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Is there such a thing as too sexy? (I mean, besides that one song.) Apparently the answer is yes -- at least if you're talking about a breast cancer public service announcement. Like the one from Chile that's currently getting people all hot and bothered, which is basically a video montage of buxom ladies from the neck down with the tagline: "If we like them so much, we should take care of them. Make a woman get a breast exam."

Okay, I get the concept here -- from a man's perspective, anyway. Hey, look, boobies! We like those! We don't want boobies to go away!! I'll give this one a C+ for effort, but that's all. Not because I think it's too sexy, but because it misses the point.

Here's the thing: The point of promoting breast cancer awareness isn't to save as many sets of anonymous hot boobs as possible, it's to save as many lives of the women who happen to be attached to those sets of boobs as possible. Which is obvious, of course -- so obvious that the people who who came up with the idea for that campaign probably figured they didn't have to make a point of saying so.

But I guess they should have, because this ad feels kind of sleazy -- particularly considering the very un-sexy, suffering-filled reality of breast cancer.

Do you think this breast cancer public service announcement is offensive?

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tania... taniamorse85

It's completely idiotic.  I'm so tired of breast cancer 'awareness' campaigns that are focused on breasts, not on the fact that this is a disease that claims lives.   You may have given it a C+, but I give it an F.  That's the only rating a breast-centered/sexualized BCA campaign deserves.

Venae Venae

"Make" a woman get a breast exam - as in force.  Nice.

Actually, I'd be more offended if there were babies attached to them - 'cause we all know that's just gross.  (note sarcasm)

Anna Potts

wow because cancer is all about a man losing a set of play things how selfish of us to think that they feed our babies and may one day kill us! i mean now i see i have to get an exam or a man wont have anything to stare at and thats all that matters in life! thank you for explaining this to me! giving them any thing for effort is just condoning the desensitizing what a horible thing cancer is, and further letting people think that boobs are for sex and a mans enjoyment!!

nonmember avatar Christy

I agree that the focus should be on saving lives, but which gets our attention more as a society? The point of this is to attract attention and this ad clearly does. Your article proves that point. When I was in college, we had a "Save the tatas" campaign come to our school and the seminar was very well attended, mostly due to the fact that they used a campaign that attracted the attention of our age group. The students ate it up and it attracted a lot of attention to the cause. So while this ad could be more tasteful, it's not ineffective either.

PonyC... PonyChaser

"I heart boobies" "Save the boobies" "Save Second Base"... need I continue?

Breasts ARE sexual, whether you want to admit it or not. And if a campaign like this - aimed at MEN - is what it takes to get MEN to support their women and encourage them to get a mammogram or other test that might save their lives, what's the problem? How many commercials out there are aimed at women and totally sexualize men? An old Diet Coke commercial comes to mind, as do plenty of others. Not a peep about those. And THOSE are about stupid things, like Diet Coke.

Just because it's cancer doesn't mean we have to wrap ourselves in saccloth every time we discuss it. Ask anyone who is or has fought the fight. Sometimes a lighter approach is exactly what's needed.

da_mi... da_miranda

I dont familiar with the language, so for me it looks like a  movie trailer that oriented to  women's sexual life or even a porn. and look at that women..!! they all are so hot!! not only tight firm breasts but also bodies.. that doesnt really expressed other women with another breast /body shape. is this an awareness ad for models/actresses only..? unfortunately I dont have that type of body myself. dont feel representated. but the ad really makes people "notice" tthough..

nonmember avatar Amanda

I'll say it's not that bad. This is not a US PSA, it's in Chile remember & the culture there is different. If a sexualized what it takes to get the men involved &the supportive of the women in their lives being proactive on watching for breast cancer then I'm all for it.

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