Jessica Simpson's 60-Pound Weight Loss Secret Should Shut Her Haters Up for Good

jessica simpson us weeklyFor yeeeeeears now, Jessica Simpson has been under the microscope for her fluctuating weight. As an outsider, you have to admit it's been a bit excruciating to watch just how much people have torn into her for putting on a few pounds before and during her pregnancy. But today, the pop star-turned-fashion mogul and new mom appears on the cover of Us Weekly reporting some exciting news: She's lost 60 pounds in five months, and the best part is that she did it "the healthy way."

Only a couple of months ago, Jess's first Weight Watchers ad debuted, and haters clucked their tongues that it didn't make any sense, because she wasn't showing off the results. That's likely because she just wasn't there yet, and that ad was more of a "preview" than anything else. Even now, she admits she still has 10 pounds to go before she hits her pre-baby weight. But critics' commentary isn't derailing Jess from her weight loss journey.


She tells Us she's ignoring those who've attempted to tear her down, and her Weight Watchers leader Liz Josefsberg tells the mag:

She's so focused and determined. She's very brave to do this in a healthy, more realistic way.

I couldn't agree more. There's a reason celebs and even "regular" women are tempted to go to extremes to lose excess pounds -- whether gained via a pregnancy, stress, a sedentary job, the holidays, old-fashioned overeating, etc. There's this completely insane, unrealistic message out there that the faster we can lose, the better. But that's definitely not the case. As Jess is learning at Weight Watchers, slow, steady, and realistic is the best way to go to keep the weight off and lay the foundation for a fit, healthy lifestyle.

That said, she has still made amazing time -- likely thanks to four-times-a-week personal training sessions with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak (which should definitely be seen as an advantage she has on other new moms in the same boat). Nonetheless, she's setting a great example with her gung-ho, down-to-earth attitude. Not that their blather matters in the least, but I do hope it's enough to finally silence those hell-bent on bullying her.

What do you think about the way Jessica's lost weight?


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