Mariah Carey's 8-Hour Massage Sounds Awesome, Not Crazy

mariah careyWhen I first stumbled upon the news that Mariah Carey got an eight-hour massage, I thought she was insane. In fact, I even IMed a friend a link to the story, then wrote, "MC's rubdown lasted longer than my last relationship", ba dum ching. I mean, can you imagine having a massage that lasted, like, a day? Mariah's crazy.

Then! Then. Then I put myself in her shoes.


Let's say for fun, I have a billion dollars in the bank, and you know, I was having trouble sleeping. I'd tried medication, meditation, everything, but nothing was working. All I felt like I needed was a nice, relaxing massage to help me sleep through the night. Would I pay someone $1,500 to rub my feet while I dozed off? Oh hell yes.

I started to see where Mimi was coming from, and I liked it. If I were stupid rich, I'd do the same thing.

And to say Mariah's busy is an understatement. Sure, she's got help, but she's judging American Idol and raising twin toddlers. I'm exhausted just thinking about arguing with Nicki Minaj, then going home to rambunctious babies. I can see why MC needed a massage through the night.

Everyone knows that if Mariah ain't happy, ain't nobody happy, so it's for the benefit of her coworkers, her husband, and her children that she take care of herself once in a while. And hey, what better time to treat yoself than when your babies are sound asleep?

The weirdest, and perhaps the most random, detail is that Mariah allegedly wanted Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno to play on loop while she was rubbed down and fell asleep. If it's true, that's a long night of ass jokes for that poor masseuse, but a source close to MC is denying this bizarre claim.

The source did not, however, deny Mariah's love of massages.

How do you relax and recharge?


Photo via david shankbone/Flickr

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