Woman With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Has Baseball to Thank for Saving Her Life

pink baseballIt's not every day a baseball team bands together to help a woman fight for her life. But that's exactly what has been going down in Flushing, Queens where Shannon Forde, who works in the New York Mets media relations office, is battling stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to her spine. Shannon's in the fight of her life, and the Mets have got her back in an amazing way. 

Soon after learning of her cancer, the COO of the team, Jeff Wilpon, reached out to Robert Garrett, the president of Hackensack University Medical Center, using Don and Deirdre Imus as the intermediary. Although she was set to undergo an immediate radical mastectomy -- the "standard response" -- a sophisticated positron emission tomography (PET) scan was able to locate the additional tumors in Shannon’s spine ... If the mastectomy had been performed without this second scan, Shannon's cancer would have spread throughout her body.


And as Shannon told The Record, “I would’ve been in a very bad place.”

But now, despite the battle she's sure to face in the coming months, there's serious hope for Shannon. Docs say they think they can shrink her tumors by cutting off her estrogen. What's more, she's got an entire ARMY of A-listers from the pro sports and entertainment worlds backing her up now by supporting a huge fundraising effort. In addition to the Mets, the Yankees, Giants, Jets, Knicks, and Nets -- as well as the other 28 MLB franchises -- are participating in a fundraiser on November 1. Wow.

It's amazing to think that one PET scan changed the course of this fight for Shannon. Wilpon's intervention and plea that the hospital do “everything possible” for the Mets' beloved employee truly saved her life. Just goes to show that sometimes, it pays to dig deeper and not necessarily jump on a first diagnosis. Sometimes, fighting for yourself -- and/or letting others fight on your behalf -- and seeking out a second opinion may make all the difference in the world.

Does Shannon's fight inspire you?


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