JWoww Refuses to Put Herself Through Hell to Be a Skinny Bride

jwoww kissing rogerSmart fitness and diet advice from the Jersey Shore stars sounds like a oxymoron. But somehow, time and again, I'm finding myself floored by words of wisdom about wellness that come out, well, at least one of the MTV stars' mouths. See, while Snooki seems to be obsessed with her post-baby/pre-wedding slimdown, her Jersey Shore BFF Jenni "JWoww" Farley seems to have adopted a much more relaxed, grounded attitude about getting fit to walk down the aisle. She even went so far as to tell Celebuzz she refuses to adopt a crazy crash diet or workout plan for her wedding day

Her rationale? She doesn't want to look back and be unable to recognize herself in the photos or feel like she wasn't "herself" on the Big Day. (But by the way, let's be honest, she already looks amaaazing!)


Jenni explained:

Everybody always looks at their wedding pictures [and says], ‘Ugh! I wish I was that skinny. They put themselves through hell to get that skinny — and it never lasts. ... So, I always say, Be yourself on your wedding day. Don’t go to that extent of ridiculousness.

J -- wow!! She's so right. How many times have you heard former brides boohoo that they'll never be as thin as they were on their wedding day? Or that they wish they could fit into their dress again? (Especially after they've had a kid or two or three!) I'm all for striving for a lifetime of fitness -- before and after your wedding day -- but when we go to an extreme and then expect to maintain it, it's just unrealistic and sets you up for disappointment.

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Personally, I want to be the best, healthiest version of myself I can possibly be on my wedding day. Not necessarily the skinniest, because those two things aren't one in the same. Sounds like Jenni's totally on the same page. She said:

My big thing from here until whenever my wedding day is just to live healthy — exercise 30 minutes a day, [do] some cardio, weight training, substitute some of my carbs that I love for some natural carbs ... take your supplements … and just live your life so on your wedding day you feel healthy and you’re not starving in your wedding dress and ready to wolf down the whole cake.

Bravo, JWoww! Way to keep it REAL!

How do you feel about JWoww's pre-wedding plan?

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