Minnie Mouse Gets Super Skinny & Parents Freak Out

Minnie MouseMinnie Mouse has lost weight. A LOT of weight. The Disney icon is pictured as a bone-thin supermodel wearing a Lanvin dress for a Barneys New York holiday window display, and it's not going over so well with a LOT of people. Models, actresses, and fashion designers alike are saying that Minnie's new look portrays the message that if your body is too big for these fancy schmancy designer clothes, change it.

Listen -- I get it. Minnie, well, she doesn't look like Minnie anymore. But come ON people. A skinny Minnie isn't the end of the world.

Besides, Daisy Duck and Goofy are tiny too and no one's giving them shit.


The way I see this -- the slim Minnie Mouse rockin' Lanvin is just ONE artist's take on the iconic figure. It's not like Disney is remaking their movies and trimming her sides, and in no way is Disney trying to tell little girls they need to drop pounds. This is a lighthearted holiday project, for crying out loud. This skinny Minnie is part of a "dreamlike sequence," and at the end, she awakes as her full-figured self. Heck, I'd say the lady's lookin' pretty damn good for 84 years old, wouldn't you?

In my eyes, this is just nothing to be up in arms over. Something tells me we're all going to make it past this Christmas season alive and well, even if Minnie's been on a diet.

What do you think of a stick-thin Minnie Mouse?


Image via ross_hawkes/Flickr

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