The Situation Wins Fat Cream Lawsuit & Prize For Weirdest ‘Jersey Shore’ Endorsement

the situationBecause Jersey Shore stars are the kings and queens of weird endorsement deals, it doesn't exactly surprise me that The Situation AKA Mike Sorrentino signed on with a company called Performance Brands to promote their fat metabolizing cream last September. Well, after his whole stint with rehab and his RX addiction -- the company sued him last August for breach of conflict, and today news broke that Sitch is a free man. Yup, no money coming out of Mike's pocket means more funds for Ron Ron juice -- fist pump!

But I'm sorry ... some sort of anti-fat cream?! Come on, REALLY? How gullible do you think we are?


So as a disclaimer I haven't used it this particular cream, but I just can't understand who would. There are so many healthy gimmicks on the market today that we fall for -- anti-cellulite creams, skinny pills, you name it. As a woman with her own body issues, I can understand that we see these items and want to be hopeful. Trust, I know that feeling of desperation when you'll try anything and everything to lose a few pounds.

But plain and simple: no celebrity endorser, even one with a ripped six pack like the Sitch, is going to make me believe that there's a cream that prevents or gets rid of fat, period. Instead of taking these endorsement deals, it makes so much more sense for celebrities and D-listers alike to simply encourage a healthier diet and exercise plan. Sure, Mike's costar Jenni Farley has her own fair share of wacky endorsement deals, but at least she keeps it real and gives positive dieting advice.

The bottom line: We all know you didn't get that six pack from this magical product, Mikey. I think we're all better off if you don't pretend you did.

Would you buy an anti-fat cream? Have you purchased something similar?


Image via MTV

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