Snooki's True Height Revealed: Just How Short Is She?

snooki These days, Snooki's post-baby body is making headlines like crazy. There's no question -- she looks awesome and seems to be shaping up by employing some pretty down-to-earth tricks. But long before the new mom was being scrutinized for her pregnant or post-baby body, she was getting teased for her diminutive height. It's not exactly news that she's extraordinarily short -- yep, even shorter than Deena Nicole. Just how short? Well, for a while now, Snooki has said she's 4'9". But apparently, that's not exaaactly the case ...

During a recent episode of Jersey Shore, Snooki’s true height was revealed after she asked nurses to measure her height during a visit to the doctor with Jenni (who fractured her foot during a fight). As it turned out, she actually measured in at ...


4'8"! Yuuup! Some might say, "Awww, how cute!!!" (while others will jokingly remind you that if you're under 4'10", that "legally" makes you a "little person" -- sigh). But her true height is not a fact Snooks is particularly proud of. As she left the doctor's office, she pouted and "wah wah"-ed about having "shrunk." Hmm. Not so sure that's the case. Seems more like she was "off" in thinking she was 4'9". But, man, if I had a chance to chat with Snooki, I'd say, "Chin up, short sister!"

After all, I sure as heck know where she's coming from! I myself thought I was 4'11" -- and would actually tell people I was 4'11", not 5' -- but, like Snooki, I went to the doctor a couple of years back and was informed that I am actually 4'10.5". If that. Okay, well, so what?

I'll admit -- when you're as petite as we are, you have to get most of your clothes hemmed/tailored. (And sometimes, overly concerned "fabulous" stylist types will offer unsolicited advice about how you should make your hair bigger and heels higher to make up for your shortness! Pfft!) But whatever! It's a small (tee hee) price to pay in the scheme of things, and believe it or not, as much as I've been teased about my height (my whole life!), I've also heard plenty of envy from taller friends. The grass is always greener right? Everyone's got their own personal challenge, and all in all, being petite is beautiful. You gotta own it! After all, shortness is just one more characteristic that makes Snooki, me, and other under-5-foot women like us unique -- and whatever makes you different is always gorgeous.

What's your personal body image "challenge" comparable to this?

Image via MTV

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