Britney Spears Meth Abuse Accusations Don't Add Up

britney spears methWas Britney Spears really on the fast track to becoming yet another "face of meth" -- or is this latest accusation by ex-manager Sam Lufti just sour grapes?

Lutfi is suing Spears' "conservators" on the grounds that he was supposed to get 15% of her earnings, and naturally, the first day of the trial was filled with vicious slams -- including the claim that the reason Brit pulled her infamous head-shaving stunt was because she was afraid her hair would test positive for hard drugs; namely, methamphetamine.

But buzz cut aside, did Spears ever really manifest any symptoms of chronic meth use?

Let's take a look at what this drug does to the human body to find out.




Typical warning signs to watch for in meth users include:


Aggressive behavior


Auditory hallucinations


Regular abuse of methamphetamine can cause:


Violent behavior


Impaired speech

Rotting teeth

Loss of appetite

Acne and/or sores

So WAS Britney Spears abusing meth, based on these signs and symptoms? Well, let's see. There was definitely violent behavior (remember that baseball bat incident?) and paranoia (the head-shaving thing), but I'm not convinced. If you've ever seen an actual meth addict, you know what an incredible toll the drug can take on a person's appearance, and Britney Spears NEVER looked like this. Plus, people have been on her case for being chubby, but never rail-thin.

Either way, hopefully Spears is healthy and drug-free now. What an absolutely horrific and toxic way to destroy a life.

Do you think Britney Spears was a meth addict?


Image via EuPaparazzi/Flickr

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