Jessica Biel's Wedding Fitness Secrets Can't Make Her Look Any Better -- Can They?

jessica bielIt seems like any minute now, Jessica Biel is going to be saying "I do" to a lifetime with longtime beau Justin Timberlake, and celeb stalkers everywhere are wondering what the bride's going to look like. 'Course we don't know what her wedding gown will be like, but one thing is for sure: She's going to look AMAZING. Let's not even question that fact, because she is Jessica Biel, and it's unlikely she had much of a pre-wedding workout plan, because she's always been super-buff.

That said! Obviously we ALL -- whether or not you're also a bride-to-be -- want to know HOW she does it!?


Well, simply put, she puts in a HELLUVA lotta work to look like she does. Which is a relief to hear, because there's nothing more annoying than an actress giggling that she eats cupcakes and potato chips all day, maybe does yoga, and somehow manages to look like she was PhotoShopped in broad daylight. (I'm looking at you, Blake Lively.) Anyway.

Jess reportedly does high intensity cardio, plyometrics and strength training, according to her trainer who spoke with FitSugar. She also is super-active all the time -- because she loves hiking, walking her dogs, and playing beach volleyball. So, obviously, the woman's got a metabolism to be envied, and she's constantly boosting it by moving like crazy.

That's not to say that she doesn't also follow a clean, healthy diet to stay in shape. She told InStyle she eats a lot of grain protein, veggies, fermented veggies, and probiotics which she says are "great for my skin and digestion." She also drinks lots of H2O (duh), avoids booze (smart), and oh yeah, hits the hay for tons of ZZZs, which were even recently shown in a new study to be key to weight maintenance.

All this and still the actress has time to work and plan a massive A-list destination wedding. Sheesh! Now, I'm convinced she's Superwoman.

Do you follow/would you adopt any of Jessica's fitness tips?


Image via Sean Gallup/Getty


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