What Does Your Favorite Sleeping Position Say About You?

sleepingYou know how everybody has pretty much one position they can fall asleep in, and that's it? Like some people can't nod off unless they're flat on their backs, while other people -- like me --  just plain can't drift away to dreamland staring up at the ceiling. Well, according to the latest research, your sleep position of choice actually says a lot about your personality.

Which totally makes sense, if you think about it. Sort of like body language -- except even more telling, because while we can attempt to hide our dejected posture or nervous foot-tapping tendencies when we're awake, the sleep state leaves us completely exposed. (Take it from someone who talks in her sleep.)

So get ready for a little sleepytime self-analysis:


The aforementioned study says most people fall into one of 4 groups when it comes to sleeping position: Fetals, logs, yearners or freefallers.

Fetal sleepers (curled up in a ball) tend to be "conscientious and ordered, but can over-think things and worry unnecessarily."

Log sleepers (legs extended in a straight line, arms by your sides) are usually stubborn and "set in their ways." To other people they sometimes seem bossy and aloof.

Yearners (lying on one side with arms stretched out in front) can be either people who live to chase their dreams, or people who feel like they're always running away from something.

Freefallers (face down on stomach, arms at right angles) often feel like they lack control over their own lives and are just doing their best to hang on.

Guess I'm a fetal/freefaller hybrid, personally, which um, let's see .... worried, barely hanging on ... um, unfortunately that's pretty accurate.

What position do you sleep in? Do any of these types describe you?


Image via Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr

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