Moderator Candy Crowley's Weight Becomes the Sick Sideshow of the Presidential Debate (VIDEO)

candy crowley debatePundits are still hashing out last night's second presidential town hall debate, of course, which is no surprise being that the event covered a lot of emotional ground -- much of it hitting very close to home for many Americans. But one of the most disturbing "sideline" events of the night had to be the commentary about moderator Candy Crowley playing out on Twitter. 

New York magazine ran a roundup of the fat-shaming tweets about Crowley -- specifically, her weight -- which included the following disgusting quotes: “Hope you & your big fat over weight ass have the courage to stand up to Obama and ask him some tough questions at debate." And “Candy Crowley is a disgusting liberal pig. Why in the f*** is her fat ass moderating the debate Tuesday night?” Yep, debate commentary can be just plain ugly, huh?


Those are just two of the totally twisted, vile missives to whirl around on the web last night. And what is the most unnerving is that no matter how many brave outspoken, brave people like LaCrosse, Wisconsin news anchor Jennifer Livingston speak out against fat-shaming and bullying, we still have to contend with this shameful cruelty in our culture. Again and again, those who are intimidated by strong women attempt to subjugate them with attacks on their appearance -- especially their weight.

If Candy Crowley was a man, do you really think anyone would have the audacity to remark on her "fat ass"? Sure, people get on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's case for being overweight, but as DoubleThink's J.P. Freire says, there’s a difference. He told FishbowlDC:

Christie isn’t judged purely by his appearance. In many ways, being large is an asset to a man where it most certainly isn’t considered so for a woman. And let’s be clear too: Christie has joked about his appearance.

Candy Crowley? Not so much. She was a target of nasty, judgmental criticism and, at times, purely superficial, ridiculous commentary (people actually discussed her "beachy waves" -- WTF?!) about her appearance. None of which had ANYTHING to do with her prestigious career in journalism or abilities as a moderator.

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Do people really want their daughters and sons to grow up in a world where women are subjected to this kind of vile, sexist, superficial nonsense? Where a woman can easily be dismissed as worthless or a "bitch," based strictly on her physical appearance? When we can send demeaning, hurtful words, 140 characters at a time, out into the universe with the click of a mouse, these are the questions we need to be asking ourselves. Because what was happening "behind-the-scenes" to Candy Crowley was actually reflective of a major societal issue we need to resolve ASAP if we genuinely want a brighter future for all Americans.

What was your reaction to these sick tweets about Candy Crowley?



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