Cholesterol Levels Fall in Adults -- Does This Mean We're on the Right Track?

blood testYou're never gonna believe this, but today we actually have GOOD news about your health! According to the latest research, cholesterol levels in adults are falling! Not rising. Falling. Even better, cholesterol-lowering drugs like statins are only partly responsible for the drop -- apparently the "war on trans fat" in American foods is finally paying off!

Woo-hoo! Great success! Especially for moms. Because you know moms have been the ones on the frontlines of that war on trans fat, slowly replacing artery-clogging family favorites with heart-healthier versions, hoping no one notices (and dealing with the complaints when they do). If we didn't see some significant changes pretty dang soon, we might've just stocked the pantry with a plethora of snacks packed with partially hydrogenated oils and called it a day.


And you know what's really interesting? Cholesterol levels have dropped even though "average physical activity levels have not increased, more than a third of the adult population is obese, and the intake of saturated fat as a percentage of calories in the American diet is the same as it was over a decade ago."

Wow. How amazing ... and depressing, all at the same time. I guess we could look at it this way: Since it seems like all the anti-trans fat campaigns really did make a difference, maybe all the anti-obesity and pro-physical activity buzz will end up making a difference too!

Do you think Americans are finally getting healthier?


Image via Neeta Lind/Flickr

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