Juice Fasts Don't Work & Other 'Healthy' Drink Myths Debunked! (VIDEO)

We've all been told to drink eight glasses of water daily, that juicing is uber healthy, and that juice fasts will strip away the pounds. The question is, "Do these statements hold water?" Yes, the pun was intended.

In this week's premiere of The Jenny Isenman Show, my guests "The Nutrition Twins," authors of The Secret to Skinny, talk juicing, juice fasts, energy drinks, smoothies, and teas that are touted as "the next best thing." Are they healthy? Do they do what they promise? Are they worth the extra dough? Will they cure my lack of energy, cellulite, aging, cravings, [insert said claim here]?

Watch the episode after the jump! We talk about:

  • Why juice fasts actually make you gain more weight in the long run.
  • Why you can stop guzzling those eight glasses of water a day.
  • How to justify your coffee addiction.

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Have you ever tried a juice cleanse -- and did it work?


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