10 Flu Shot Pros & Cons to Help Decide About Getting One or Not

Emily Abbate | Oct 15, 2012 Healthy Living
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  • Pro: The flu vaccine can't give you the flu


    The vaccine is made from a seriously weakened form of the flu virus, which cannot give you influenza.

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  • Pro: This year's shot has three times the protection


    This year's vaccine has more than the H1N1 virus strain; it also has two other strains that were identified as possible contaminants for us here in the Northern hemisphere. Sounds promising, right?

  • Pro: You don't have to get pricked


    There's a nasal spray flu vaccine that's just as effective as the injection. The best part? It's approved for healthy people between the ages of 2 and 49.

  • Pro: If you're a working lady, they're often free


    Many companies offer free flu shots. According to Reuters, 79 percent of employers with consumer-driven health plans offer free flu shots!

  • Pro: Getting it now will keep you at the office


    Why use sick days with the flu when you could avoid getting it altogether?

  • Con: It may not be safe for you


    If you are allergic to eggs, then the flu shot could be no-go for you. Why's that? The flu vaccine is cultivated inside of chicken eggs.

  • Con: Being flu-free isn't guaranteed


    I know, it's a sucky thing. However, just because you get the flu shot doesn't mean you're in the clear.

  • Con: Protection isn't immediate


    It takes about two weeks for the vaccine to really kick in.

  • Con: There could be some mercury in there


    A seasonal flu shot has small amounts of mercury added as a preservative. Mercury has been linked to certain brain and nerve disorders and that fact alone may make those on-the-fence about getting the shot uneasy.

  • Con: There can be side effects


    Some people develop symptoms ranging from soreness and swelling at the area of injection to low-grade fever and achiness. The good news? Generally these clear up within a day or two.

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