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10 Flu Shot Pros & Cons to Help Decide If It’s for You (PHOTOS)

flu shot vaccine
I have a confession: I've never gotten a flu shot. I've just always been skeptical, I've never actually gotten the flu, but I've also never lived in New York City ... until now. Now that flu season is upon us, I can't help but wonder: will this be the year I cave? Should I go through with getting the flu shot, or skip it yet again?

Like most everyone, I'm feel like I'm always overcome with different information. Some people say you get a little sick after getting the vaccine, other flu shot veterans say it hurts worse than your average prick, and then there are those who say as a healthy woman in my mid-20s, I should be just fine.

Well according to the CDC, everyone over 6 months of age should get a flu vaccine, unless you're allergic. But that's the thing, how many of us always do as we're told?

Click through these 10 flu shot pros and cons to help you make the best decision for yourself:

doctor getting a flu shot ready

Will you be getting a flu shot this year?


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lucky... luckydog1029

I don't usually, but I got it late last year because I was pregnant. Both my husband (who is usually anti-vac) got it this year because the baby is so young. Don't want to risk her getting it, and I can't imagine trying to care for her if I get the flu.

twili... twilightsbella

Well i got it once and never again will i get that shot. My kids get it every year and they never get sick but wen the nurse talked me into getting it with them i did and ended up sick with the flu for 3 days. So now i choose to not get that shot ever again

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I never get it anyway but I especially won't be getting it this year because I'm pregnant and it is especially dangerous for pregnant women.

nonmember avatar Bee

I got it specifically because I am pregnant and want to protect my unborn baby. Rhonda, where do you get the information that it is more dangerous for pregnant women? It is highly recommended for pregnant women.
A few things: the flu SHOT is made from dead virus, so you cannot get the flu from the shot. The nasal spray is made from weakened virus, and should not be given to anyone immuno-compromised (including pregnant women). The flu shot canNOT give you the flu. However, since it does take a few weeks to develop full immunity, it is possible to get the flu after you've received the shot before you develop immunity. Also, only the shots obtained from multi-dose vials have the mercury-containing preservative. Single-dose injections do not have the preservative.

nonmember avatar SarahD

RhondaVeggie - no, what is especially dangerous to pregnant women is GETTING the flu. It becomes even more important to be vaccinated against the flu when you are pregnant. Please don't spread misinformation.

TippyD TippyD

the flu vaccine says it is a catagory c medication, meaning no testing has been done to test the safety for pregnant women.. not worth the risk.. know too many women who have coincidentally lost babies just days after their vaccines..smh.. :(   if mom is taking proper precautions like upping vitamin c and d to help boost her immune system, she may not get the flu:)  *oh and washing hands frequently, etcetcetc...* .. we take vitamin c and d, and echinachea,  during flu season:) havent had the flu shot  ever, and have never had the flu:) 


nonmember avatar Gretta

Uhm would like to support those who are saying the flu shot is a good thing for pregnant ladies! Totally ask your doctor, but it was highly recommended I get one when I was pregnant and so I did.

Zamaria Zamaria

No. We don't do flu shots. Yes, I know "it can't give you the flu." but every time we get the shot, my kids and I get sick within two days. We never get sick. We may get a little cold or something, but when we get flu shots we end up with fevers, can't get out of bed, achy all over, and it lasts for at least a week etc. maybe it's not the flu that we get. I don't know. I just know that when we don't get the shot, we don't get the flu and we don't get sick. When we do get it, we get sick. I have worked in health care my whole adult life, and I have had jobs where it was a requirement. It was horrible. It may work for some people, but it definately isn't for me!

nonmember avatar HRB

@RhondaVeggie - You are very misinformed. I am currently pregnant, due in the middle of flu season, and had a thermisol-free flu shot without any side effects. While the shot may be category C, physicians agree that the pros outweigh the cons in this particular situation.

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