Pretty Pink Pumpkins for Breast Cancer Are the New Pink Ribbons

pink princess pumpkinNo matter where you go this month, be it an NFL game, your favorite neighborhood restaurant, or the mall, you're sure to see tons of pink. It's everywhere for Breast Cancer Awareness. And I mean everywhere! For instance: Although you'd probably expect orange to be the dominant color that meets your eye at a pumpkin patch, now, there are actually pink pumpkins being grown for the cause. For. Real.

About 50 vegetable growers nationwide have launched a campaign that encourages farmers to "think pink" and grow pink pumpkins from a seed called "Porcelain Doll." In turn, 900 retailers nationally that have picked up the Porcelain Doll pumpkins to sell, and the American Pumpkin Growers donate 25 cents from every pink pumpkin to breast cancer research. Sweet!


It's easy to be overwhelmed by the pink-splosion of products every year -- especially when we're assaulted by the same ol' pink ribbons, tweezers, buttons, etc. But pink pumpkins -- well, that's something new entirely, right?

And it's almost as if it was always meant to be! As the story goes, a Colorado pumpkin breeder discovered a pink pumpkin in his field about five years ago. He spent several years developing the seed, and eventually, he paired up with a marketing guru to tie the special pumpkins in with breast cancer awareness. Sounds like a perfect match!

Now anyone who wants to express their seasonal spirit and spread the word about awareness can place a pink pumpkin on their porch this fall. You can check out for more details on where you can find one of your own.

Would you go get a pink pumpkin this month?


Image via peapodsquadmom/Flickr

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