Wonder Bra Could Detect Breast Cancer Early -- Why Didn't They Think of This Before?

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sports bra detects breast cancer tumorsBreast Cancer Awareness Month is important and all, but come on -- we know we're supposed to go get our mammograms. But if you're not the biggest fan of the screening, well, sounds like you'll soon be able to guard against breast cancer in a completely different, much easier, and incredibly cool way.

Smartypants scientists for a company called First Warning Systems have designed a new bra (currently called the Breast Tissue Screening Bra) which can actually detect cancerous tumors in the breast supposedly well before -- as in, SIX YEARS before! -- a mammo would be able to. Ha, talk about a "genie bra!" Whoa!

Sounds out of this world ... but, uh, how could this really work?!

The pros behind the bra say it measures small changes in skin temperature over time which could indicate a tumor. The sensor in the front of the bra gathers the data, sends it to the web, and you can view the results daily. And get this: In over three clinical trials so far, the bra found 92.1 percent of tumors correctly. Whaaaat!? That's practically unheard of, being that a regular mammo only has an accuracy rate of about 70 percent.

Check out the video that explains the nitty-gritty ...

Of course, we'll have to hold our horses a bit before the bra's available for purchase. Probably won't be on shelves 'til 2014, depending on FDA approval. Fingers crossed it all works out, cuz if it really is as amazing as they say, breast cancer prevention could be more accurate and easier than ever before. Sheeze! And we thought all we had to look forward to in The Future were Hoverboards and self-drying jackets!

How crazy awesome is this?! Would you wear it?

Image via Matt Bernardis/YouTube

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Jscot... Jscott1216

Yes and the cost of this wonder bra is $1,000. My doctors bill is cheaper. Nobodies going to be able to afford this! While I think it's an amazing piece of help for women, unless your ivanka trump who can afford to shell out $1,000 for a bra.

nonmember avatar Laurie Schrader


The estimated $1,000 capital outlay is for the provider, not the patient. As we women don't buy the mammography machines, neither will we be expected to "buy" the First Warning Device. Estimated cost of the FWD test to a consumer is $100- less than a doctor's visit.

I did a little work for First Warning Systems on the video side. For the project, we spoke with the technology's creator, the first oncologist who was the primary investigator in the first study as well as company management. Hope this info clears things up.

Jscot... Jscott1216

A lot more clear. Cause I was thinking people can't afford doctors visits how are they going to afford a bra that expensive.

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